It is now said that what I have done with myself is spectacular but this is precisely what the problem is; that the Media had decided what I have done in the past 12 months is a spectacular process of getting involved in a big fight that will help to protect the masses while it isn’t, they do this all day, running off music tracks to beat me down while I chase my concerns and this is precisely what the problem is. The idea I have gotten from them so far is that when I ask them to shut it down they will not, so I suppose it goes without saying that what I am about to do with it and about it was entirely avoidable. They do claim this is another unusual activity which it isn’t; what has happened is the complete failure of the idea my Literary Empire exists only in my head, so in keeping with the idea these abusive behaviour is a product of the idea that I supposed to serve them and cover their arse with what I own, what now stands between me and my income margins is their silly ego, showing off the many colours of incredible stupidities associated with the idea that if push came to shove they would have been better off. They point out this story where what thrills them the most is that I am now engaged in activities I criticised through my Church concerns, which is utter nonsense – what really happens is that they now hang around playing with this sense they have access to my income margins and no longer have to work deception on the basis of claims that there is neither God nor the Devil and religion was a fraud, talking nonsense all the time which leaves me feeling like I am about to vomit, looking like they are in urgent need of the services of an exorcist. They have recently claimed that my actions make it impossible for them to perform tasks at their jobs and to love their jobs which are actually paying them a lot of money but then again so am I rather convinced that it serves a purpose such that they now have to take into account what they hate about going to work and come up with a plan to deal with it, I have said my piece on the matter – I want the Media comments about my concerns shut down completely and permanently. It is not the first time I have made it this clear either, each time I do, their response is usually to make references to my Royal Office and where my Book Publishers are located and to further work the business of building me an alternative Public image that allows them hang around at Celebrity culture, making me into a talented tortured soul who is tortured because of his talents and what others want to do with it, since such nonsense is usually preferable to the respect bits.

There is the other complain as well of how I spend a lot of time fooling around with peoples wives, while the reality was more a matter of the need to fool around with my concerns getting serious;  built myself a Court where the Members were the substitutes for the abusive nonsense culture and society idiots exhibit to blab nonsense on their ability to select sexes, so I might want to rip up their culture and society as well in order to tell told I will get killed, leaving me to think I am really going to get killed and what they got was a means to chase their own concerns without getting too much of attention from the Girl I want to kill to make sense of my life mentally disturbed goons all over the City; even the Police have come in contact with it and acknowledged it as a good time on several occasions – these idiots however from the first day, have seen this arrangement as a tool that helps them claim I sleep with peoples wives while their Husbands took anything that was needed before the truth was known, where they have ended up of which is not my business. The story has already developed into something I need to take seriously because it is a threat to me while there is no such threat; I mean its impossible to make sense of how I have had a huge amount of my property destroyed by idiots who get jobs from large companies and handle the social media of those Companies for the purpose of making stupid people rich at my expense, then show up somewhere over Companies I broker equities with, to play a game of when their money first influenced me being what they want from my Business while their idiots who are rich because they are stupid, set about destroying the effects of everything associated with the way my Royal Office first influenced their stupidities as well, like we see them give their own to the frugal, only to hang around somewhere following up those stupid statements on how nobody knows who I am with a continued process of banging away at the Companies that have employed them, a tale of how they do not like specific characters such as myself, who do a special thing for the companies that have employed them, a sign apparently of what their stupidities were superior to, wrecking everything around here and now believe themselves to be a threat.

The other story that I present myself as a very tough person while there is little I can do setting a stage for very bad thing to happen is very well understood but I think the main issue here is that the destruction of other peoples property is always a main priority for them, before its money issue time and their victims must be made to help and support them with that, adding to health gained by making me miserable as they got their narcissistic fun from this nonsense. The overwhelming feeling people have about it is that their stupidities is what my Books really do, which is completely unacceptable. So on the matter of whether or not I am putting up gimmicks and will be taught a lesson like we hear them blab all the time; what usually happens with these gits is that they spend so much of their time making such huge trouble for others, that they end up becoming a plaything for women and that is how the case with me begins each time i.e. I look like a threat to women who is likely to be rid of the means by which women make them a plaything as well and I believe there is nothing magical or mystical that cannot be understood about the fact I am done tolerating their nonsense and need to start seeing a process where all comments about my concerns are shut down, it stops handling my Books and arranges its music tracks on the radio waves another way. The Music tracks on the radio waves being an example of how far the practical jokes can go, since its usually the part where it has progressed from the abusive fringe benefit of pretending to be me until they run down everything financial at this Hermitage, to one of making be strong so they might be able to share the peace and privilege whenever the insults had reached a point of Public wellbeing concern and I am fed up getting beaten down by it everyday. I have been told that I have left the matter too late before deciding to respond, much the same as they have suggested there is nothing I can do – in term of their case which is a matter of the fact I have not bene responding but now that we have a process where they have spent all the means to get rich and famous associated with their lives and need to physically handle mine and spend it or deny me by destroying it when they cannot, the Politicians can now tell all the lies about the physical handling bits and stop me from defending myself until I drop out of University again if they wanted, otherwise it became quite clear just how useless they really are. On the matter of leaving it too long, the bits about Politicians telling lies on its real purpose becoming a bit of a social problem when the processes of their behaviour is contact based and physical and primarily aimed at ripping up my academic work and finances so that they might be able to oppress people with the money they have made at Celebrity culture, mean it becomes easier to tell such lies. For their part they say it’s the way people talk about me like I am an all conquering character which is also utter nonsense – what happens is that there is now clear sense of the women I have loved at the Monarchy and as long as they are not spending time at the academic institutions making a mess of the lives of the rather fat ones, to force me into dealing with gangs and criminals because they were good looking and more deserving of my public image, until they wrecked everything around here, only to go overseas and bring in other people from my race who are really bad in order to hang about the academic institutions clinging to my Public image alongside German friends, to bottom feed and get imagination up my bum while they ran local hoodlums through the system, wrecked my academic pursuits and used the bullying to keep me out of it, then set about blowing off that big mouth endlessly when they are out of their depth with the whole thing. Its an example and which also shows that the fact I have not responded over the years have now meant they are unable to see their whole lives are designed to destroy everything that is good, especially in terms of their status as employees who only care about the money they are getting, of which nobody knows how they need to get the money and ensure they had the means to get more going into the future facilitates the business of building communities to get imagination up my bum either and that whenever they are seen destroying things, it must mean those things were good enough to get spent on their stupidities that make them feel good – I am done tolerating the stupid media comments being made all over my Books, this is their exit and its important they took it and let me be. They have claimed I have encumbered their Popularity culture and it’s the reasons they target me all the time buts its pretty much the same thing I mentioned earlier, the need to destroy peoples lives and property always takes centre stage but now that they have wrecked the academic work and are well aware my talents and abilities will be available to culture and society trouble makers due to access, the idiots have resorted to financial blackmail to decide I must select a neighbourhood to live in, such as will not be causing them trouble going into the future with a big mouth i.e. they wreck academic work so culture and society trouble makers gain access to me, I sack the Celebrity culture which will produce exactly the same effect for them too – I do not know that there is any career or business in the system which is registered and described as a Business which does this anyway and I am done tolerating it too. They do have their freedom to gesture me to the left in order to cope with years wasted on me to prove their superiority and dominance if they wanted but it will likely always lead to a result where we need to know if their own looks like that as well. I have been told what I know and say is dangerous but it isn’t; first of all, its purpose is to set out what I don’t like whenever I am chasing my daily concerns and point to what I am going to likely do about it as well, secondly I had designed the Bookshop to ensure the reason for all problems by showing up to play practical jokes with my livelihood and get people suggesting all my decisions are bad decisions suffered more than either myself or the Media or the culture and society trouble makers or the Celebrities, where the people at the Monarchy who suggest I am really tough being responsible for their need to tackle me will be the other women I had loved, who clearly have their own way around Industry, Celebrity, Politics and Media, so when their career means their fame is based on getting culture and society trouble makers setting me up in obscurity so they might become more important than I am on my own Public image, she likely chases their bums as well until there is balance because she is not actually confused by all that vile behaviour. For my part, I would want to tackle the culture and society trouble makers as it affects me, set out by idiots who had spent so much time making trouble for others, they became a plaything for women and cannot now keep their mouth shut on what they believe is tough or not but there is clearly an understanding that anything I do will be wasted on Media and Celebrity until unless I really hammered it before I began – as I mentioned, its so amusing and they need it so much, they wreck everything around here and now want to decide of me which neighbourhoods to live in left access culture and society trouble makers have to my talents and abilities were a problem for them but then again it is an example of what happens when the insults do come to a head, when the insults have gone on long enough to get serious. Its an example where the claim is that we British chase bottoms while we don’t, its always something they start which we then finish; I mean the bottom chasing issues begins with the women who had decided their civil rights should be interpreted as a license to plan their lives on the wallets of those who are already weak and then soon after left the victims of their insolence and abusive behaviour with the smell issues associated with men they have been familiar with, the rest of the time applying to me in a personal way, I did warn them enough times about those federated country insults of theirs – apart from this we know people who get around enlisting in armed services to fight other people’s battles are usually their friends. Needs give me my space and get to a Church to receive sermon and prayer from a priest rather than continue the abusive contact and crowd jeering insults that ensures I am tough and they got to share some peace and privilege – they never had me. Where the Media and Celebrities are concerned, I wish to emphasise this case of how useless they are if they had not stopped issuing the stupid comments around my Public image to pervert everything associated with being a person that can stand alongside my Books in Public places comfortably and never stopped handling my Books to turn off the public interest like it was a water tap, especially in terms of Royal Office concerns where building wealth equity system means I want to deploy it as a tool for gaining Political influence when I need to, another example of how I exist in a world far separate from theirs and they needed to take the exit offered and let me be. They claim they have shown many times they are better than me but I am convinced of otherwise but this business of a need to become more important than I am on my Public image does need to stop however – this place needs to be quiet enough for me to give away information and still bind it into a product that I raised funds from later on, it needs to be quiet enough for people to read Books and we needed not have done it this way if only their stupidities got involved with a Bookshop according to Purposes intended and got around what they saw in order to read what I had written. The superior stupidities are all good but there is yet no reason they get into league with their Media the day before and show up in the Morning to run me down and chase money with some very abusive and destructive civil and criminal disobedience in the first place and I am not the one complaining about the consequences of this to a point where doing so had become a global stage phenomenon either. They have also suggested detaching from me leads to absolute destitution and yes it does, the only time that anything had been done properly or anything had run a course that was intended around here was when they developed from characters who did not link their lives to their jobs in order to make it a career, so they might gain an opportunity to get about being familiar with powerful people in order to bully others with social, sexual and financial corruption, ended up in a cycle of shopping for supplies, Family/school for the Children issues and work. Personally, the Politicians suggest that supporting me means doing down a rabbit hole and it does not - we are now in danger of thinking successful people are the enemies, while what we needed to do is get a job and link our lives to it, thereby making it a career into the future, through which we amass savings and build a kind of life we wanted - in my case, the time frame for doing this is now in the hands of insulting practical joke idiots with Media to play with, making statements about what I will be made to do to prove myself over my Books an spending so much time deciding how I should sell Books and or how my public image should be used, that it takes three years to tidy up and get ready to finish the academic work, while trading my Books more seriously leaves me the reputation of a character who does not get paid for work he does and the whole thing is performed by idiots who already have a job in hand that pays the bills, if they then have the audience of Politicians, I can only say that according to history, it has never really ended well and such Politicians are very welcome.