I hear that I am losing my Role as Royalty and I have no idea why people come up with such tales anyway; as we can see no such thing is really happening, save perhaps the part where I am really fed up with abusive ways in which people want to ensure the work of other Royals and government operatives had become easier at my expense – creating the outcome where other Royals are always advised to disregard who I am and what I am, hence when they get involved with mine they think their State provided security will protect me and then there is a clash with those who work my State provided security all together and it’s all become a bit too much for me, I need some time for myself, need to complete my academic work and get some Books sold to raise funds for my projects and personal maintenance – I need to be on my own.

As for the story of how I am not worthy to get near the Monarchy, that was an old tale of systematic abusive insults meant to suggest it having built up a perception that people can run by but then again the fact on the ground is still that when people do not wish to complain about smelling like their loo, they need to stop changing what I am used to as well – I am an Arch Prince and do not like money, it means I can do pretty much everything they need to do with money without having to spend a penny, apart from the war aspects that is, which is what this is all about. The biggest discrepancy presently being that of the sense getting around, that I am more busy serving other women than HM, which is not really the case; I may pick up some celebrities here and there and some sociable people here and there but it does not detract from the fact I am convinced it is governmental incompetence to lay more emphasis on your leadership than you do on progress all together, so if these celebrities and sociable people were British I would be serving myself. In the end we can see what happens is that my bottom hurts and I have no reasons provided for it yet while they can never stop showing up around my concerns to tell lies about me as though we were mates and it’s all because they are securing contracts from large companies, which is good unless it becomes a threat to the Crown for some reason then I will take it from them and make it so simplistic on social media that they will have to ask me to explain in order to put them out of their misery. I mean we see what they do all the time, showing up to pick my work and set about making money from performing the same things they see HM do with it, then when I tell them off, I get told it was rosy and a successful and lovely existence before I got involved and my tainted property showed up on the scene about which I am not developing an attitude which is very annoying and insulting nonsense I have grown very fed up with.

It leads to the claim we British protect our culture to the hilt like so but destroy other people’s own any slight chance we get but so does the matter go to the very heart of it once again i.e. if like they wanted, I destroyed my person and my whole life and allowed all that nonsense they think adds up to discrimination, where the expression on my face is the one they put there and make fun of, my temperaments are a light they want to strip me off and put up somewhere for celebrities to express a stupidities by and their fingers are always up my bum to make me feel totally filthy and so on, if I allowed it all in order to provide them security from a process where people chase their bums and make them smell like their loo so they might complain about a lack of respect in a way that will last a life time, the question is still that of what I will get from it, to what end I would have provided them such a security when we are all aware of the circumstances in which people do it, especially when it involves putting up money as leverage to bully people into ideals and ideals they should not believe in and then find they can never allow others a moments peace for not getting into a fight with some extremists that are not actually engaged with mainstream living.

It is a method of providing people with enough trouble for a lifetime, to ensure it is those who monger the war most, that are afraid of it the most and even now they are still doing it, whereby I am the enemy for thinking somebody lived here and another there with their families and it would be nice if that continued for eternity because they think the purpose of culture is to ensure I have to complain about their stupidities every day. In the same way they tell me I try to avoid the fact that my role is a threat to other people’s lives which is utter nonsense as I do not avoid any such thing; if a Government operative gets into a fight with gangs and criminals, I would want them to win and kill the enemy but when it comes to a stage where we speak of bad things happening, nobody wants it happening either way. We see them at it all the time; when done with their villainy of chasing peoples bottoms to detach people from their lives and personalities and mental health and even thought pattern, we also see them make up excuses that the victims are the ones who have invented the reasons for those activities which shows they are only doing what is their natural right to do; so villainy has its own art form in the same way I do not think people who have work or fighting to do should get to it without food or supplies – we see it come up against people getting drugged in order to take on law enforcement and so on and we hear them claim that if I killed people and they killed people, we were both the same things, while we are really wildly different. I mean it’s about mercy and if you showed it to the criminals and gangs who then end up killing your family, then you have showed mercy, and of course they tell me terrorists think like that as well while their insulting reality was rather that an average terrorist is one of those instances where, somebody is older than they are so they can tick that box and say they know how to behave but if the person is female that is the wrong question and the wrong answer as they clearly can look after it. Then we find them go from a people whose future depends on making me smell like my loo for the purpose of demagogues that support perverted cultures they think facilitates the processes of being successful and financially comfortable, to telling me that I make use of the villains as well for my purposes and then set about discarding them – which I do as they have become very keen to chase down everything about my Royal order so as to learn how to do some fighting that will become a danger to those I am providing some Royal Hospitality for because it is their duty to protect the Country. I have had to make use of them by manipulating them into fighting my battles the way we hear them boast, same as I am off to doing another one for society goons because I simply cannot tidy up and return to finish my academic work because they believe themselves to be engaged in tribalism raids at Industry with my property and public image, right down to personality and thought pattern, as insultingly as possible, so they are also convinced that they are being discriminative – now we have attained that point where they said they got shot at by the enemy and can be asked by anybody if it was the enemy the State or the Nation created in the first place.

I am told my activities play into the hands of racists but I would not know anyway; I know the suggestion the Media is unaware of common sense which says sparing a criminal that later kills your family is no mercy is false and that they put such things up for people to exasperate people and insult people and exacerbate problems, so when I supply answers with a bit of controversy to run with they have no choice but to run with the truth. It’s always them and me and money issues in between garnished with enough violence and threats to build up some sex and fear based problems talking nonsense about handling weak people and then asking about my main objectives, which I do not mind telling them it’s a process of holding out until they are past it; past it on academic front and past it on fame and fortune front and yes they always tell me they are famous at my expense anyway which is rubbish, as what they have done is get off to Industry where people can manufacture them at narcissism popular culture canopies – when it comes to the real thing they just need to wait for about 10 to 12 years and then it will be all over and there will be nothing for us to bother each other for anymore – it’s as if when they are half way there, their frustration levels hit the roof and their fingers are millimetres off my bum in their imagination 24/7 and I am rather happy to build publicity for that instead. So, the story of which Royal Office I have lost continues to a certain detriment where I tend to make out that society trouble makers and the Monarchy are the same thing, until I either want to give myself a break or people think that I may just deserve some of it.