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Its apparent that since the corrupt idiots of society had gotten into a habit of imagining their hands up my bum things have taken a turn for the better and it is said now that I have a problem that can never be resolved which is nothing unusual but I find it difficult to understand what it is that cannot be resolved about a process where I had written a Book which was about resolving social issues and public problems and ended up with a business of vandalism people wish to conduct at my expense because they want their stupid lives looking like what I had created, except the main problem is still that the scum do not have time or energy to read Books all together. It is quite unfathomable as such that at this point we now know that I am the main problem here and they were the ones who had difficulty keeping their stupid hands off me with that big mouth they have got. I have never been interested in their problems and those who are providing leadership for this nonsense obviously have jobs that do get to their heads and need get their stupid selves organised for it.

So it’s not half the problem they have supposed that it is; we all know half the time the boast that since they know where my books are and will never stop using that for blackmail and using it as bargaining chip to fulfil their dreams, make an announcement of the tummy problems they cause me and try to get me into trouble with hoodlums and criminals, as stupidly as possible, hurt others if they cannot hurt me to get my attention or just kill an endangered species to get to me etc, about which I have warned them especially the Americans to keep their distance from my Books and stop following me around – what will come of it obviously is that when I had torn down their Celebrity culture, I will only have the business of getting around picking up the fall out that allows me write blogs and articles on the effects of their involvement with an Arch Prince who is clearly not their mate, contrary to how difficult they think they are making existence for me all together and there is nothing that anybody on this Planet can do to prevent me from doing this on a time table.

Their frustration apparently is that whenever they think about complying, they are left with a sense that they have no future; what they leave out is that the more I tell them off about their imagination going up my bum is the more they find it amusing and the more their wives and children copy it – the reason for this behaviour being the complexities of keeping a job i.e. your boss will think that what you are thinking of should go down your throat and into your tummy and make a smell and its probably the smell that will get you sacked, if they thought that you made too many demands and they believe themselves to be superior, so they are my boss randomly on the streets, such that each time I said anything to keep them off my concerns and my health and the personality they want to fulfil dreams of getting rich by, the very reasons I dropped out of University which fees they were paying and the very reason I smell like what I eat all the time which bills their stupidities are paying in the first place, each time I said anything that showed their bullying was not too clever to be told off, they follow up the American stupidities punch through a question about the entire essence of my life and career and invent a new one with a big mouth; it is not the sort of insults that will prevent an outcome where they complained to Politicians and Media and Celebrities about my attitude and I have no idea why it is assumed that I will get better if their stupidities had not stopped first as it were. When it does come to being frustrated in its own right, clearly it has been assumed I am incapable of doing anything about them, so I became punching bag, they have then been doing punching bag for so long they are now clearly past the career and academic work and the Celebrity and fame thing – so a little bit longer and they will be past it to a point of no recovery and then we shall find out what it is exactly that their big mouth can do about me bearing in mind those stupid insults and the communities built up to foster them.

They speak of security guarding issues naturally but its an old story where 10 minutes into a security guarding job I got some years back and abuses had reached community levels on how I am so weak and was sent to do the job by the security company because there was complains about pay being put through indirectly, since they imagine their stupid selves to be incredibly important. So now they believe they will solve the problem of me and the effects of the business of finding them along with the stupid criminals and hoodlums they are meant to control as a job showing up all over my public image by escalating these issues and making sure it gets are close to my personal space, living area and bed chamber as they possibly can but I am an Arch Prince and this is just all part of British Public control issues unless I had a problem living in the UK, it would not bother me to deal with them – in the same way the media has now found out that it does not pay to disturb me while I am at it as it were. They however are not important and there is nothing that they can do about anything, nothing that they can do about me.

As for the Politicians, my Books were a problem like they wrecked the academic work which fees they did not pay and I am disrespectful of local communities like I smell and cannot keep a job, which bills their stupidities were paying, so my Books are a problem which public issues they were resolving as it were; once I had built myself a Public image on this nonsense, then will it get serious enough to avoid the clowning around at my expense. Its difficult to make out how it is possible to drop out of University and to smell like what I ate because somebody had achieved a great victory they don't wish to stop savouring thereof, hence unable to keep a career, because of the complexities of keeping a job in light of what those who are bosses and employers do at the workplace.

I have been told that I thought myself invulnerable to women which I do not – women are a danger to everybody, and everybody is a danger to everybody else depending on what they were doing. The point of my activities is to set out a condition for an exercise where they were attracted to my concerns, but each time spent on it causes them to give themselves away. The cause for concern being such matters as a process where a schoolteacher becoming homeless was not necessarily prioritised over somebody being a feminist that supports her man and we have not even started talking about the criminal parts where it might be good for the wife of a criminal to live in a mansion while a school teacher lived in a Hostel and none raised the point. They do claim this puts me in danger as well and yes it does, I mean they show up around my concerns to make a mess of my finances because there is an Industry git who had a history of giving them money for doing it, whilst this gives them away, I am working with a schedule and need to get it under control. Their friends on the Media always brag about confiscating my social life and public image naturally but it is not that which they can achieve as such: they are not the only people who put money in a pot and go off to seek their fortunes in the City, my parents used to do it as well, so I am well aware of all instances where they should not be living in a world where they were entitled to handle my concerns like they currently think they are. They always excuse themselves on the front that I am sore about their lifestyle businesses being so profitable which is utter rubbish; if a lifestyle business involved putting a hermit into such a degree of financial difficulty, handling his concerns which is a crime because you do not have legal permission but when you became convinced he will never take action, you progressed to the next stage of saying that he had to admit he had been thinking about what he would do with money if Celebrity cars, at least one, was given to them and then the lifestyle which is being sold will be that a Priest thought that their car was more important than God, it is practically stealing. Then there is another type where we had since arrived at a stage where they are deciding how consumers were spending money, by working social bullying, I end up being the one betraying people by allowing Celebrities to sell products on my services, which leaves people buying what will not assist them with daily chores – this I can approach by assessing whether the services I provided had a value and that value was ending up in the businesses of poorer people and if Celebrities were rounding up those poorer people to retrieve the income margins, just so that they might sell lifestyle and get people parting with more money on account that they were on their fifth or sixth mortgage, than I am indemnified. In terms of finding a product that will help me retrieve these kinds of income margins in a bid to work the wealth and social inequality problem for instance, I think that every suggestion that people can confiscate my personal life and public image is media salvation at best. Then there is also the more contentious part of recovering income margins lost to intrusive time wasting associated with an entitlement to handle my career. The business of people being cheated of out of enterprise deals in itself ends up in the Law Courts all the time, especially when it does not show up on a criminal prosecutions part of it but I do not wish to take this to the Courts, the most important thing to me is the hassle they put me through, the hassle which tips the balance, alters my own lifestyle and drains my earnings every day, so I prefer to resolve it socially and return the favour thereof. They do claim I had turned on the Celebrities when in suited me but I have not; I am in danger of people altering my life for me and enforcing the one they had in mind; I never had to defend myself from society trouble makers because I had the issues under control and I never needed to defend myself from Celebrities because I am an Arch Prince who does not need a second Public image but this is now their problem and I have to be me. Always suggesting that I sneak up on people and attack when I had the opportunity, to claim I am brave, same as they claim I would do anything to avoid a fight which I am also never going to look forward to, we know that if I bear the Celebrities, they will ensure my career does not mean anything to anybody or will set about attacking somebody else, the entire time which it was always in my interest to get it done safely.



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September 20, 2023

I heard the story that I am probably homosexual which is natural but from my point of view it has happened before, the business of feeling homosexual pressure disrupting my affairs and a response where I got to show that people were conditioned and forced into homosexuality, so the next time they rebuilt their homosexual communities it came at great pain during homosexual sex and there were new forms of sexuality invented in the process, the way I like to stop it for my part. I do not consider the matter a crisis like they think I did, it is simply that when I am relaxed I am homosexual and if they took up ways I stood up for myself to share with people that will provide them certainty of power, read my birth signs and decide which birth signs were more dangerous than I am for the job, it meant I am homosexual. What is being said at Government being that I knew how to get around the issue but let it fester which I don’t as I do not consider it a problem i.e. if I am reserved about giving people mistress roles around my career which would have helped to secure my network better and they were able to extract those mistress roles through media and celebrity insults, gets up my public image and race each other to see who will get rich first and more like we see them do, then the main problem concerned the idiots who worked the finances for them, which makes a greater case for better banking and financial economy regulation, on a personal note however, I have above stated how I stopped it the first time around and the fact my next attempt will have a lasting effect. The history on this matter is that 80% of the reasons I dropped out of University was this two combination of other peoples stupid children dreaming of ideas I am supposed to get into a fight with others to help them feel safe, which was made bad enough to wreck my academic pursuits when the lecturers joined in and of course the media jobs that create fresh problems for their privileges of ways that my work was being spent, every time that I set it straight, whilst building up a million and one ideas to suggest that it was not the thing I needed to attack for my part as well.

This other point is raised about the way I had given up on environmental matters whilst I had done no such thing – we have been seeing recently indications that the reasons the EU threw environmental matters to the dogs and are now showing up after all the carnage that could easily have been prevented was because they found Russians and Chinese working the environment when they were involved with environment matters, so they left it to poison money industry gits with their up down round and round gimmicks that ensure a career does not mean anything to anybody no matter what is done with it by the person who owns it, to stand in front of fires that are set by people for money over gimmicks which destroyed endangered species and areas of conservation, that will get back at those who defy their needs where the protection of environment was concerned. They did this over the last decades and believe they have satisfied their hearts well enough to put themselves in charge again and if I think that they are not, there will be trouble of which there will be no such thing, as I will likely have so much fun at their expense instead – we know that it is the real men who were more willing to dredge the canals here in the UK because the air was dirty, so the idea that real men should be attacking conservationists and those who believed recycling our plastic was a good ideas, is a gimmick that somebody somewhere ought to change urgently. This is how it happens most of the time hence fat chance they will get back into the hot seat around here – one could be speaking of simple backyard sanitation and then a career will be flushed down the loo over male society narcissism, thereafter whatever was left of the victims career will be spent on economic abuse that ensured they spent their money living in clean exclusive neighbourhoods.

I could never understand this matter anyway: people will have 7 hours to complete at work, their background was already one in which they wrecked a persons career to make money and re-established contact with the victim to abuse the victim in search of power, now needed to survive by getting Politicians to listen to their stupid feelings, telling lies but they have also now decided to get around trashing trees and endangers species and areas of conservation because they think that their version of freedom allowed it, to which effect they needed a narcissistic society that backed them up whilst they ran down people who did not have the same problems and their famous idiots got to put money leverage all over it to facilitate the distant violence, to provide themselves the strength and fortitude that will help their stupidities complete the working hours of the day: I mean I have mentioned before that what people do to tree and animals if considered with the intention behind it, should be treated as a crime that was set for a person, now we know that they are expecting a full overhaul of working practices at the jobs market because their famous fools existed and that some of us were meant to be stuck in it, provided others got to spend the way that we stood up for ourselves – the other twats who support their stupidities at Government buildings will not go along with the rule Books after they got elected and will not listen to what those who knew better told them of what they did not know.

It appears that when I am not doing these things, I am probably homosexual and I would fancy it keeps its famous idiots and media job away from public and client interests in my Bookshop, before its local council idiot that plans to make me homeless drives this nonsense into an explosive situation over its favourite insults putting its stupidities in charge of my affairs which it knows nothing about in the first place. There are some of their stupidities that I will never tolerate the big one is the one that has now developed into an outcome where rogue landlords shared my privacy with everybody and corrupt security industry could not protect a single famous twat on the planet because of me, the idea that I could not carry on unless other people were doing their part who were bigger and stronger than I am is incredibly stupid, the next time I attempted it, I should do my best to ensure what I did was the finale in this matter. Ranging from what is now see as a world crisis because they are always hurting people to make money and when they see a Hermit with his Church interests running a successful venture they had to have it and he will not back down, to the famous idiots who will now have no protection because I cannot get a single days break from their need to handle my affairs being backed by somebody that was bigger than I am, I find it impossible to tolerate some of their stupidities. We even arrived at the point where the ethnic minorities did not like me very much but that was after years of running me down over gimmicks that I might have been given a Royal commission but will not be tolerated – its famous idiots had built a mountain of problems from thin air at my expense because public control matters existed and even when I clear it out what I have done for my career gets spent on media to create new problems and lies were being told that I was the problem, except I could talk better than their stupidities could, always a real issue all round when their gimmicks eventually lead up to areas where matters were up to me and I had to make a decision on the basis of my own authority held and it lives in a hope these days that somebody would do something about it, needs to stop handling me thereof as we are not mates i.e. it has actually now built this its stupid interest in my personality over the idea it felt good into something of an interference caused by a thought process that facilitated my career, causing it enough discomfort to attack me so frequently that I end up in a scenario where it could suggest I am different with a big mouth, once finished it decides what my sexuality was.



May 2, 2013

The talk of the UK tax system and what my push for progress is in a nutshell as updated here is largely the same old talk all over again i.e. the government is responsible for tax evasion; the government sets out Policies that allow it – whereby we all know that businesses think of tax as a liability and tax evasion as a double liability, so they want only one liability at any given time, unless the government turns up to do endless debates on the tax system which gives them only one i.e. p...

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They say the problem with me is that I work in secret to ensure they are never free and that they find me out all the time but the first occasion where they developed hatred for me publicly aside from nonsense I have to put up with from their stupidities was my inability to tolerate their insolent conspiracy theories and the boasting they blast off at their various decadent nonsense when they wreck my life with it.

Freedom of speech is nothing without the freedom to question they say but I have no idea who buys such stories anyway as the reasons for anything that happens between me and them when we all know that what happens is 12 years of personal property and personality destruction on account I am a Christian, right down to support from evil mothers etc; nobody asked them a question about anything however this matter makes me wonder who told them that freedom of speech is nothing without freedom to question is what is happening between me and them, when we all know that what is happening is that on account people are women they cannot stop bullying me and then making profit from it, they cannot stop bullying me until I am then bullied into saying something about being bullied which will then reveal how so little respect I have for women which will then get me beaten up. Of course if I did everything with a sense at the back of my mind that I should never make do whenever I feel like hurting them I would greatly improve my living existing like that but it is not necessarily what I want to do. They do need to get off my books and stop talking nonsense about how much they do know about me; they know nothing about me. I mean the real me for example is that my Dad was a Higher Institution lecturer whose entire career began and ended in a higher institution from lecturer to an official all together - so I was fundamentally raised to have a deed seeded hatred for popular culture - you see everything wrong with a country can always be traced back to it but I rather like to put it in simpler ways such as how I do not turn up to show I want to be rich and famous as a career path, hence have to contend with unemployment and temporary employment and government support to get by, while they have to contend with a process of being rich and famous or working for the sex industry inadvertently and hence cannot understand why their problems end up in my life and my work all the time, those games they play making up suggestions they know me as they go along. The Americans always say it is a matter of dicks and pussies and arseholes that want to shit over everything; not good of course but they live in a large country where these idiots can build a small army for themselves if they wanted to on account they have got the population for it.

It is never true that freedom of speech is nothing without freedom of question which I stifle is the issue between me and them nor is it ever true that it is the reason they provoke me all the time. Such nonsense as showing the stupid power they have over society from the hell holes and ghettos they have created for others by setting out publicity that allows them to handle my book sales and appear accountable with my office; now they are complaining and it has much to do with some aspect of civil rights they have found out I have been stifling and this is clear indications there is not an end in sight I suppose.