The talk of the UK tax system and what my push for progress is in a nutshell as updated here is largely the same old talk all over again i.e. the government is responsible for tax evasion; the government sets out Policies that allow it – whereby we all know that businesses think of tax as a liability and tax evasion as a double liability, so they want only one liability at any given time, unless the government turns up to do endless debates on the tax system which gives them only one i.e. pay or don’t, no matter how risky. Then like Labour does, set out to handle the treasury like a wealth distribution too for their ends and therefore meaning those insults where they own all the talents in the country and those who do business here must lay down the cash and talk rubbish about how people do not wish to respect their wishes when they want the Monarchy gone, whereas in actual fact nobody wants to be thankful to them for a new country around here and they do not seem like they want to get lost any time soon, instead we hear those stories they tell that if everybody stole the money they have then everybody would be a thief and there would be no problems; first foundation stones figured out therefore regarding plans for the start of a civil uprising with a big mouth. The reality on the other hand however is that their real problem has more to do with their wickedness and their need to exercise it on a Christian; hence for me it has nothing to do with the Monarchy but rather that having been that my education and all other things I do moving me away from racism means I am living off the society they built with their stupidities which brings the racism back in and ensures it follows me around until I cannot move it elsewhere, hence the issues set out as the fact I may live in a hole but if I cannot leave my hole to work and return to it without having to deal with the evils of their societies this is the beginning of their problem and it will take them down as well. Hence I am aware that they say my actions and words makes people angry and out there seeking a fight but such things should have been the least of their worries because I will get worse; I intend to make sure they leave me alone by doing things to them that expose them to bad company all the time as well, since we were never mates as it were. For their Politicians, I have mentioned congestion charge and how bad it is to charge people for using roads we built for them to pay road tax and drive on as it were and that whether or not cities are congested and people have to find another means of getting around is a thing of the past is not up to them but the people that live in the city and hence no such thing has the right to happen as a charge for road congestion. They on the other hand as a whole are convinced with that foolish socialist ideology that says everybody ought to earn the same amount of money right across society but those who work the idea are in any case ministers of parliament who are not earning the same as a tramp, that they live in a modern country that does not care what they do to a Christian and that it is all figured out, the part where they would normally have set out a group of people to attack as the ones that bear the burdens of everybody who want to roll with the rich and the great and the good but it got better when they found me the Christian that was big enough and hence legitimised as well since it is what I have promised to do for them as a Christian, whereas in actual fact I really view them as the antichrist and if they knew that would stay away from me and not believe that when I have not been engaged running a campaign against it, it can get out of hand and do whatever it likes as such – the reality of course is that the UK is not a modern country that they can do any of their wickedness in no matter how modern it might really be and if I know where they gather and meet for it, I will most certainly regularly leave them a letter as well. Socially on the other hand, the reality is that they pretend they want to be a country where they are bigger than me and that therefore means I cannot protect anything they desire of my person, personal effects and public effects and I cannot understand why they are complaining either – if the number of times I am attacked by them comes sparingly, the number of times I have their own as well will come sparingly, if it is frequent, it is important they stop complaining too; stupid plebs. Its like the old story where I rob shoulders with important people and there is no such thing going on – the reality is for example that I write books that film makers and not actors will like to read but they had decided they will have it without buying it, for a large proportion of them and so I cannot let them have that when they have wrecked the finances – fans must be well behaved, it is important; I mean I do set out means of furnishing actors with information on certain matters to help them do a certain job when they are at it and it is my fan thing when they had acted a part in a way that did a job for me and I do the same for film makers too. So the other main problem like the economy issue with insolent Americans and their friends is that they at this stage feel that all I do belongs to them and therefore it does not matter what i say or what I do when they are feeling what they are feeling with a big mouth and I cannot let them do that either when they have wrecked the finances, fans must be well behaved and it is much the same with what it becomes immediately after which is a process where they take it up and do their own and they know I cannot let them do that either as fans must be well behaved. In the end I suppose they will tell me if it was with them that I brokered the equities in the first place as it were - year ago when they had long started off their games and their idiots knew many things about those that were meant to fight for freedom and those that were meant to be rich etc. Reality check: It really does not actually work that way; you do not get through a days work, read the Bible, Pray and get around robbing shoulders with important people - there is just no time.