I have been told that I have said nothing about the crisis in the Royal Family but it is an old case that those who leave it tended always to do so with this sense that they will be recalled and given a better deal to perform their Public duties, while the Monarchy does not have a history of doing so. That said, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have a relationship with society and culture trouble makers which is one of pacification, therefore similar to what business people have because the prime interest is to look after the Business and the security of their own families, so the departure appears to be something they had planned over a long period of time. The Celebrities on the other hand have not toned down their insults towards my person which develops a need to make a series of personal decisions that include the relevance of States which integrate the Church into National affairs such as Socialist Russia. It’s all similar to the Presidential impeachment going on in the US Presently, where it’s not clear exactly why Democrats would wage a 4 year war on Republicans because they did not win elections they were certain they would and the only gain they got from it was personality imperatives, while most of their allegations were based on lies. What we do know is that they have no means or ability to deal with republican responsibilities, the fact that republicans always try to look after the interest of common people by tackling wealthy goons with ideas about how taking advantage of others to be better off what a right they had and we also know that as much as this is part of US Political identity, the Democrats do not have a history of dealing with it when they had made a mess of republican leadership, what we know they do is make a proper mess of it to a state of crisis, which they leave for the black community because they believe themselves to be superior. It has been four years of the lies, gone on for too long in my view.

They claim my activities are always messy and it beats the imagination; I mean I know that it’s just me looking good while people bully and attack because that is how they use some of the personality to get rich as stupidly as possible, then issue threats because I am fed up tolerating their Celebrity and popular culture insults with a big mouth – we know if I had peace and quiet when I am writing Books, it suggested I am important while other people really were, yet should I work in a factory, we will find the fucking idiots needed absolute silence – then there is my party piece where I am dragged off my Church concerns to spend time on the insanity of culture and society trouble makers, provoked and watched to ensure it does not just drip away from me, make me into a disturbed character supposedly, then set out some insulting punishment somewhere which is due to a small man that is always provoking big people, a decade had gone by and their stupid problems had been resolved, which is clearly the reasons what they care about is messy as well, so we have heard the full story as a result with a big mouth.

They say I provoke them as well and its utter nonsense – I suppose I provoke them when the women invite themselves into my life via violent lasciviousness which ensure they got to leave me with the smell issues associated with their very intense and violent slimy, drippy social and sexual corruption but without the very immoral form of civil disobedience that produced benefits for partying all day, so I cannot complete the academic work and look after the career properly, then hang around somewhere preserving themselves to use me like a tool surrounded by fools that will enforce it and cannot keep the trap on their faces firmly shut. These fools are always travelling into the UK because they were fleeing a warzone somewhere and I guess this is how I provoke them all together as well, never the questions of why that is the case, although I really would like at this stage to see such results as an outcome where they had stopped following me around with that stupid smell issues, telling what to do, especially on seeing how it affects my personal life and finances and most of the time they happen to be the ones complaining to such an extent they complained on my behalf as well, instead of talking nonsense about being provoked. We are all fearful and panicky of one thing or another, it would be nice if a degree of respect came from them and that rubbish that involved working on me for money stopped, before I really got to provoke their stupidities as well. I am told I have not acknowledged that I am the biggest threat they face, added to the way I have treated their culture and society but we also know that they are now at a point where handling me and working on me has progressed from wanting to be more important than I am on my Public image to employing the help of culture and society goons to set me up in obscurity so they might grab my Public image, recently becoming something of a sense that their career which now involves working on me for money will take them somewhere important in every single direction that they turned and I have pointed out remembering my career looked like that at some stage but didn’t remember it had anything to do with working on others either, want them to shut it down, they will not stop getting imagination up my bum then and need to watch the big mouth about claims I am provoking their stupidities.

I have been told nothing I say actually affects the Men that are working this nonsense really hard and yes it does not – those are supposed to be a bunch of scum that are the onset of rebellion and I had to detach HRH Prince of Wales from the idea they are fans, as they are not the route to chase when doing anything about Politicians acting as though Government building were places they could behave like dogs as everybody was treated like a piece of meat. Their case always involves that imagination getting up the bum all day, talking nonsense about getting into military to people peoples stuff and thereby deserving it and it need to be quite clear there is nothing their stupidities can do about me and if the imagination does not stop getting up my bum, talking nonsense about how well it understands sacrifice, needs to stop complaining, while the case of provocation from me is clearly a lie as the facts mentioned here shows. The reasons for their behaviour is as simple as the fact there are public leaders – so if there is a Queen they wanted to be Queen of the neighbourhoods, in order to gain unfettered access to me and if the Prince of Wales is Heir to the Throne their stupidities can plan ahead on that too, thus my response to that stupid culture and society as well; it needs to stop getting imagination up my bum and set about telling lies of provocation on my part.

I have recently been informed very abusively, that I had better kept my Literary Empire on social Media as I am likely to lose everything I had on lifestyle if I showed up anywhere else. It is an example of what happens when a person’s life is being run by a handful of socially and sexually corrupt modernist idiots – for each time I step outside of my comfort area to raise some funds for something, I find myself stuck somewhere tidying up for it over a four year period, which leaves me appearing to be a character who does not get paid for work that he does and the main tool for this nonsense have been these stupid comments which consequences of the way I respond to them is what the bloody idiots claim have changed their stupid lives to cause such outcomes where they thought I was deserving of the vandalism. It is now about to lead to such outcomes where this business of my clash with Celebrities was explained when I had started to see it as a real problem I wanted to crush, all the way to any points at which they had expressed it around National Politics and National banking effects, everything to do with the co-operative they create to make a bunch of fools rich beyond their wildest dreams in order to develop icons which run the lifestyles for them had been completely wrecked to keep them off wrecking my Bookshop, then only it seems will it stop the way I want. I mean the wealth equity structures I built to allow younger people engage with industry property owners and to mobilise at Popular culture due to the way such things as organised crime products affects them, is now being run by the relatives, friends and customers of those who develop and sell such products, clamouring all over my Public image to get to the top of the charts singing counter nonsense to the way people make sense of the way their stupid crimes affects them and I believe I have also put it to the foolish radio waves idiots about arranging those stupid music tracks another way, save the one that allows them make those stupid comments and beat me down while I chase my concerns every day. What they prefer is to tell lies, that it is not the popularity and Celebrity culture I find poisonous and that I fart in Public places, like the proper idiots who think they are important when none is bleeding their stupidities for it; on the scale of 1-10 of a handful of idiots that follow me around to make a mess of the academic work in University in order to deploy my Public image for popularity purposes on grounds they always get what they want with a big mouth, then set about stifling my Bookshop for more, making a total of 12 years ripping up my finances because of that stupid imperative where some problems do not go away unless somebody had died over it and I had been chosen and one of the persons to die, I think famous idiots do rank at about 9 – such that it ought to be very clear at this stage that if these kinds of stupid comments and their need to show up all over my concerns for other purposes save my Books have not been brought to a stop, I am going to make my position on the matter physically clear. It is very insulting to be told where I may run my literary empire lest I lost everything due to a lifestyle issue when the fact that I might be deploying my Role as a Hermit to make the process of looking after Royal and Political alliances as cost effective as I can be flexible at what I am doing, on the internet instead of the real world if I want to be free of an outcome whereby I lost everything, when it was never their business if I was acting like a Hermit or an Arch Prince financially and I really do believe a point at which they got a matching response from me is fast approaching as well.

The other stories they tell around here is one of the rift between Russia and the UK – I could never make sense of the rift anyway while the insults on both sides were so personal and deeply felt, I mean I am not certain my partner at home thinks about where I have kept my anus as much as the Russians do, this is how deep we are digging presently, talking about a rift is completely pointless. The other being the German one that is the main crux for everything which adds up to this stupid modernist idiots improving their position as lowest of the low by following what Celebrities do at my expense – there is always a diplomatic onslaught by the German Government against the British one and each time it clear up, the point is that British Interests had been affected while the German one was not disturbed in anyway and it has eventually ended up with my Royal order being declared to be something of German fighting spirit that I had stolen which I do see as a complement to express the fact they are disillusioned as well and that was a start. They claim we are responsible for Brexit but it goes on like this endlessly all day long and is then garnished with Eurovision humiliation year after year after year, while they claim we British get ourselves into trouble with German interests and only then do we want to be helped by acknowledging how important others are, while is the same thing their bottom feeding low lives blow off the big mouth about when they think I should be set up in obscurity while they grabbed my public image to make sense of their foolish lives, looking like a two faced tart, burned on both sides. The outcome is always that German National and Diplomatic Interest was better not discussed while the British one was debatable and it’s impossible for them so far to acknowledge that this is unacceptable even when the rift has grown big enough for Brexit to be a reality.