Being cornered off somewhere by American Politicians that serve businesses is not happening anywhere even if they think they are able to do such things and cannot stop thinking and experimenting on doing it.

The fact of the matter is that when they are stuck because they love to insult me, to me it means they have made enough money to them it means I must do something to help them make more money because the government did once bail out banks without putting structures in places to ensure the money does not end up in private pockets which was good anyway because it was a government of scoundrels who know how to extract millions from my empire so they might not do a days work in their lives for themselves and their insolent sons and daughters but to ensure something bad happens they are cutting me off from money all together with it with a big mouth and then getting all over the place to mess up my empire all the time while complaining on media I screw up their private lives-doing it to them of which is like some kind of habit that has become an addiction they cannot not do it; so when I talk about the big boys and their insolent and abusive wives and daughters they think I am talking about them, theirs is another case entirely. I mean they own big banks which have branches all over the world and no body can get off somewhere claiming that bank belongs to them because its all over the world but cannot see I am a Royal prince and the same principle applies as well. So now they have big business but do not want to behave like people who do they think that when they are stuck it is my place to ensure they are still making money like the government did not allow their banks fold because there was tax payer money to spend on it, which has no bearing to reality because to me it simply means they have come to a dead stop on the money making thing and based on having millions do have enough to live on already and not in any condition anybody should be worried about and that their attack on my book sales will see them wind me up the wrong way as we go along so we can find out how far that their stupid money goes. if people do not want to reach the point where their money making capabilities have come to a point where its all stuck, maybe they want to think about their attitude; they cannot corner anything in hell and need to stop spreading those stupid panic.


I mean when people see my colours used as an item of intellectual creation and business it says leave me alone but they forget the fact I am a Royal prince as well and think they will beat me up obviously in a place that does not exist.

I cannot be cornered anywhere by anybody for any reason; I mean first it was war in Iraq which has to do with the fact I write books, took 5 years to deal with, then an economic crisis which has to do with my writing a book took three years now it’s the fact they are talking about their National debts as well. What if I present it to the world that they do not wish to pay their debts because they are more interested in a Prince that sells securities for a living because of his concerns about his countries economy, how well would they have been able to tie me down anywhere for stupid business men? I will never do this at just a random point, I intend to when they have finished with their raised debt ceilings and cut public spending and reduced taxes thing so that only the rich will suffer.

In my view they are simply doing what makes America attractive to businesses not tying me down, no body would dare do that, more so not at the point we are now.

As for the British, their problem it seems is still the pain and their black friends the problem is still the threat of homosexuality; they cannot not do it-I mean savaging my empire every time they appear anywhere in public to get attention and cut me off from my finances because they think they are evil. They make out it is things people do to them as well which is just infuriating like everything the big boys say; no body does any such things to them-the fact of the matter is that they have wives and kids that are insatiable and have strange relationships with money, when they are being good they claim the purpose is to have the same privileges that rich people do when they are not they locate me as scapegoat then complain about my wrecking their personal lives to find my intellectual property since it is the next best thing to suing. 

I am just an intellectual property Author and I have told them I will sell those books. Stage one was making those their stupid cultures famous so the more famous they are making those their stupid popular music they get to my University to wreck my academic work to protect market for looking for trouble, which I cannot stop them from doing because I do not like it as it Christian and therefore cannot do anything about them; the reason of course that just like my academic work each time they have any more from it first stop is to attack my income really mess up my empire and make that into new fun. So the more famous they are the more famous those cultures will have to be and if they want to ensure I am not forcing them to clean up the mess they make here then of course they will have to become less famous which really does not work actually based on the cleaning up the mess they make here bit. And the more famous the cultures are the more books I sell. 

 The fear of course is that I am willing to sacrifice myself for the smaller people; not true what I am trying to do is sell my books; I am not fighting anybody yet, if I was they would know I was because the worst case would be my death and if I died no body would give them information for economic recovery and while I am alive will never let them have it either.