The American President speaks of Girls that sound insulting to him and are affiliated to me; he was the one who set off to get involved with my writing career and book sales for the purpose of making sure that when there isn’t anybody else that can top the American President getting involved with my books he can use that to make sure I am never selling them to have some strange revenge about the stupid things they talk about in the US concerning us here in the UK all the time. Bearing in mind that before now he has dispatched media idiots to insult and abuse me for a profession in every place he is likely to appear including the international community which then will result in a condition where their involvement with me take me below him and he becomes the most powerful man in the world; all of which by the way was developed along the lines of being able to attack people who were loyal to me in America in some way as a means of black mail because the black mail of what will happen to people in Africa if I do not co-operate and he decides to deploy powers over aid budget was not enough. Now some women is insulting him as were as we speak. I will do nothing about it I promise, more so lest I affect the freedoms of black people in America. Its the stuff of fables.

First of all I am not too bothered about being attacked because of my fame; the truth of the matter is that they come from stupid secrete societies and do not want to keep their problems to themselves, in fact they think they want to measure out what I can and cannot say to force me to keep my problems to myself while they barge into my personal life with a big mouth. Then there is also the fact it is my head and in my head is my brain which contents they want to use to manipulate people and have power and they therefore will never have it because it is mine-if it must cost them everything to want it or for stealing it then it bloody will I will make sure of that. Women are not doing anything around here to make sure that I am in great suffering it is the men that make deals with their community scum and get on television to incite rubbish that will ensure they are using any means they can to bang my problems that I bring out all the time and make people lives uncomfortable with back inside me while they get on media to pervade my faith in order to make their problems worse and dump it on me to have a new life. So as it stands they really feel they will get away with it and they have gotten this self improvements and a new life and I will just have to live with the results of their insolent distant fascism; I mean they are prepared to do it for decades until they have the required result and of course they can laugh and no body knows when last they complained about tyranny in the UK anyway so far.

His privileged arseholes are all over the place already as we speak making out processes by which they have jobs which purpose is to extract an income from my property, then insult me with rubbish he allows or authorizes and wish me dead at the same time with a big mouth, from what I gather of which I am not the one that complains for most of the time over these things.


With respect to aid budget then itself; I can never be blackmailed with that-the American business man is always the biggest beneficiary of democracy which was invented in Greece and Human rights that was invented after the world wars in Europe and by the way they also pay minimal tax for it too. We here in the UK understand the oldest group of Princes and Princesses live here and so people like to come here to find the best life to live which is really abusive that others like to sit somewhere in that insolent Washington of theirs to make lots of idiots come get to the UK because they are making us deal with shit while they look beautiful which they will until they are the only ones that are beautiful in the world so it can get a bit more serious. That America has to think about giving away money to people who would have worked an saved up to top up their human rights while the rest of the world move on and continually increase theirs is not something I think anybody can blackmail me with in fact I dare them.

I mean I am not talking about barging into my life and the picking up my books to sit down somewhere and make sure people around the world are having access to it and I am not selling any to have revenge on me because of the rubbish they talk about in America which has something to do with who they consider to be the source of their problems; with respect to which this is not their lives to barge into and make smaller like that and they are not currently having gangs or killing people yet as it were with a big mouth. What does the American President think people he is planning to cause a lot of suffering because they are loyal to me to make me co-operate with the needs of insolent black people I have hurt so much by being black and successful in my Country, which is a game he started long before he knew me as a person have been doing and or thinking about all these while?