Now the idea that I want the US to do what it did in Iraq in Syria while I criticise what happened in Iraq is simply a load of rubbish that office trash that cannot get off air waves in the US like to talk about. There is really no such thing. My stand on Iraq remains the same i.e. bearing in mind that I need to give up who I am to ensure the mission is successful, what is the connection established between making sure that Al-Qaida stays in Afghanistan and does not attack the US and invading Iraq? No body has solved this problem to this day and these idiots will not let alone my books so I can clean up the mess created around my work here. Of course I have always accepted Saddam was a bad thing and removing him from office was important with respect to the enemy of my enemy issue arising and bearing in mind the US armed him, the responsibility for doing so fell no where else but how do you handle a country that may become the friend of your enemy, by invading it; what was wrong with recognising you are a different person from Muslims before you took into account the issue of dealing with terrorism? These questions remain while they argue with me and cause me financial problems because the main issue is still the nature of American foreign Policy, where they want to be able to look into terrorism but allow silly wicked Africans to do what they like because their crimes are democratic and free market based, then they want o look into terrorism without getting to force it to spread around these places where these evil Africans live for example and then everything continues in that way, blocks and blocks and blocks that soldiers fight for but do not get a point at the end. Alright I understand the courage issue but it will solve nothing bugging me and my work instead of looking into the foreign policy and the way it works.

The other issue of the President of the US is that his people love that process of establishing connections between what he does and my work in order to boost his ratings and so on and it annoys me like hell because he loves to do it all the time; when he sees a collection of idiots that have gotten to brag these days more frequently because I am doing what I can to stop people that usually take hold of that stupid popular culture where their idiots think they can do whatever they like and then make sure they behave, do not become violent, while they on the other hand can continue to get around showing that given the slightest whiff they will become evil violent criminals, he will simply give them his American support and speak of the hard hand that history has dealt them because they speak of slavery of black people and the British Royal family. Whenever he sees men that like to speak of the powers of women, so that each time you realise that corruption exists because the top has been unable to control it and that it is sacrificing those that throw themselves at it and you can do your best by hitting them at the employment market otherwise you will be completely unable to get work yourself, he gives them his American support so their stupid girls can become intolerant of anybody they see when they are trying to get what they want, which will enable them to accuse people to steal society relevance that girls get to fill on account their parents teach them nothing and spend all their time stealing government funds to give them whatever they like; so usual reaction is always warning them power will be made to shift to the male side of society and those stupid men that are the basis of their confidence will require everything from them but again Mr Obama will give them his American support and make links with you whenever he wants to do anything. So it carries on in the same way with the ones that want to be the father figures of everybody and thereby will never allow others breathe the free air unless they can see things when things exist and make those things their own whether or not they exist because they are created by somebody who actually owns them and same case as well, he gives them his Black President American support. So these are all things that are easy to take care of at government office but people prefer to play silly games with my finances on account they think I find nothing to be insulting or abusive. Of course there is the British government and American Government connection and in that sense the Obama Administration has ties with my Office but there is nothing personal there. These people he gives his support to are people who always are really evil and like to make themselves the big stick of the US and work in a set way only i.e. money and stupid women that cling to things, money and stupid women that cling to things, money and stupid women that cling to things, until society is completely ripped to shred and then they will be happy that the question will arise of who brought about the free market and capitalism and they will be happy to point the finger. Of course if the President of the US is willing and able to kill all of them before they kill him that will be perfectly alright, he can run it as he wishes but he should not continue to make the link with me because I live in a completely different way and these things take me unawares thereof. I mean I can take care of myself by making sure we have a religious regime in the west instead of a capitalist one which will be fine with the Muslims  but they still take me unawares never the less bearing in mind they are life threatening.

So it is all very well I had no respect for George Bush and now none for Obama even when he is black but considering why, it is not necessarily surprising. As for the claim I am unable to do anything about anything; the reason I live in such ways is because I am reserving the outcome of a society where power resides with the male side for those men who speak of the powers of women and not my people; they will be at the helm and tell me I will fight at the front line with a big mouth.  Its a respect thing.