18 September 2023

The idea is then brewed up and fostered endlessly, that I sourced all I had from Television – what really happens rather being that it uses media to decide what the public thinks and all its influence was developed from inflicting destructive habits on others; uses this to threat and prevent people from getting jobs at the market, uses it to talk into peoples personal and social life abusively until it whips up a crowd and plays with neighbourhoods at somebody’s expense and uses it for bear baiting. If keeping an eye on the way it shows up here to ensure that my finances and career was not placed beyond its practical jokes like we shared the same existence and its big mouth will likely solve any problems its famous stupidities kicked off around here, is being termed a process of getting all I had from Television which jeopardises me and predisposes me to its insolent closet racism and that which is practiced by its ethnic minority idiots, the business of a need to tackle my personal and social relationships and hang about with insults that will decide who I am and who I am not, it is not actually clear who was complaining about current conditions if my responses were also termed a process of complaining about Media and Celebrities. As I have mentioned on previous instances, it will likely suggest that a recent murderer arguably worked for me when it goes badly wrong i.e. it should be taken into account that it is now saying that I failed to make sense of the fact that in the eyes of the authorities I am always doing something wrong, never answered the question of whether this was before or after its stupidities spent two decades of my time getting on abusive TV with radio wave lesbians, to groom me for it and fight law enforcement on my behalf.

I am told I continued to underestimate the kinds of difficulty that fame and popularity trouble makers made for me, which I don’t – I have made myself clear, the next time they explore my so called history of failure which has hurt their tummy and encouraged them to gather around and bully me into success, getting them to lose the media job, the fame jobs and public transportation job, will be the least of their worries. It has operated like a big joke apparently, that if I am bullied, I will do something to e successful because living such a stagnated existence after they extracted an income from my public image without permission, hurts their tummy, I wish its stupidities would show up here to read a Book, considering the other bit at the local council is now fed up paying up the Universal Credit all together. Here it is said that the damage they did was more far reaching than what I have said and yes it is, as we are talking about a group of gits who had decided on their own version of what I am doing with security services and built a whole reality from it, it is no longer just a matter of fighting law enforcement on my behalf disobediently. I do not mind either, the point is that what I am doing with security services is more a matter of intelligence and equipment, needs to be quiet around here or I will shaft them, then get off attacking them as well because I felt insulted that they continued to interfere with client interests, claiming they have been fighting my wars. So far evidence we see is that the so called ‘boy scouts’ faced more risks because the price they were paying at security service work was so great they did not have to make consideration for other peoples position, their radio wave lesbians had picked up the risks that Intelligence officers faced and they had become more popular than they had ever been, getting on my nerves with it every day. So the question that has been raised here since I am able to get my head around it, is one of what makes people like this – hence it was a matter of the way I am wired and the way I see it I.e. these are a group of people whom if one met in a complicated situation and said that they deserved everything they got, one would not be to far off from the truth, everything that happens to them does because they are bad people and so it builds a community that fingers my bum because I am unwilling to explore it, it is always disrespectful, always abusive and all would have been so much easier without its abuses.

It will then explain the results we have seen as a process where I made it up as I went along, a process where I added up new ideas and created a sense it was there all along, whilst we know we are having this conversation because of the insults and abuses from people born under dangerous birthdates, the Scorpios and Virgos and the insults will solve the financial problems concerning which they spent their youth being tough and it will be solved with the help of Celebrities and a process of making others into characters people bullied to create the sensation that they were capable of being nice and to make their famous fools feel incredibly important. The underestimation of the possibility that I will trash the Celebrity culture for the famous on the other hand being developed on the basis that they seem to be unaware that what their agents and managers and producers did with my assets occurred by design, to ensure they were serving both the population that they wanted to and the population that they did not and it was all patented.

I am informed I was of the opinion that I had these matters resolved whilst I had not – reality besides my own sources of happy narcissism being stopped by government office idiots who needed my career and services because they needed it, I have pointed out the fact that they are always informing others that they were bad people and were always doing the abusive activities because they were bad people, I have pointed out public security matters which I have not practiced thus the stage set for the stupidest things they can do around any lapses in security that they can find in other peoples affairs, then there is the one that gets them to fear me i.e. the fact they are always robbing people of sleep – one to two minutes over a long period of time until it adds up to tiredness due to sleep deprivation and possibility of losing careers to insults and sexual narcissism abuses. I suppose that what has been done at this stage involved getting security services who are always vigilant of their activities and therefore likely to guess and act first under control presumably. It would then suggest that I preferred to say these rather than tackle underlying issues, whereas the only underlying issue is their abuses and access to the life of Royalty with it, whereby we know according to evidence and history that there have been a great many persons who preferred to lose their lives than lose access to the lives of Royalty but the problem with these gits is that they were entitled to mine, hence it became a difficulty for everybody, especially in terms of the ways they think that they can make money by doing so. It does boast about manners in which the idea that if an action was bad they had to do it, gave way to an abusive need for handling me at a safe distance which they will never give up, only continues until their celebrities claim I took risks with their stupid lives when only the times they were not committing crimes and the times they were not dead facilitated resources for my PR.



I am told it was strange the way people thought Celebrities were everything and I did not care a bit about Celebrities but it is largely a matter of showing respect where it is being shown or like they claim people were love struck, we know it was easier for me to get into a relationship with them penniless than it was with a poorer person, besides which what bothers the security services and the Monarchy the most is that there might be a million ways to sell show business products but for them, only corrupt private security and rogue landlords will do, will not stop stifling my personal relationships, if it was not yet a mystery why Celebrities could never be happy and could never stay in their marital relationships. I am the main reason they were more important than they really are, at the same time subject of some of the most vicious insults on the planet coming from them, so it is reaching the point where I got to respond to the threats by stripping it away in readiness for a fight.

They claimed that the law allows weak people like me to pick on the strong and make the most of it and when I defended myself I was attacked by the Politicians and famous gits who claimed I was stirring up problems others had to tidy up. I dropped out of University and it was not even a red flag, they continued realising new things about how they could improve their social gimmicks from my career up to 2017 when I finished work on the issues associated with this matter, from the abusive gimmick of following me around to link up my activities with the sex industry and the criminals, to the private security industry, at which point I begun to push my bookshop for the market and committed a new crime, it is 2023 writing this and it is still busy on public media and the high streets, stalling my Bookshop and wasting a boudoir to prevent my clients engaging with the Books, over claims the private security industry fiasco showed I could cover its backside for a living and should be doing so or alternatively do something to get into trouble with the law, which will enhance a sense of safety for its famous stupidities.

They do claim it was all a matter of what I got to do to ensure people were uncomfortable but it is not, it is a matter of the fact that they often get their children up a stage to make use of my Books as a tool for popularity and fame reinvention, then get off educating me about the mental illness of the famous by informing me their stupidities were so important I ought to be grateful, the real problem arising when public engagement was being hampered by something they did to ensure an environment provided by the patents did not mean anything to anybody so their media fools may access my personality for the feeling good factor. Same as the Politicians who claim it was the point that I got to engage with National level enemies whereas it was rather the point where I ensured whatever it is they handled to make a mess of my career like so needed to be denied them, if I was tired of dealing with people who knew nothing about the law or government having been elected into public offices finding it impossible to get along with the rules of the jobs there. It is all so incredibly absurd, I do not believe there was something that may concern me as a matter of what important persons got up to. It is not a matter of standing up for myself either, we all have an agenda and I needed to get on with mine.

The idea that is now being peddled was one in which it is said the idea I am an Arch Prince was provocative. I could never tell if people planned to prevent me from being one by career success resistance German influence idiots with a corruption of involvement in mind and applicable Media insults to foster their stupidities with. The cause of the problem is a need they had, to build their own version of what I am doing with the security services and make a whole new country for themselves for it, as though a victim of their stupidities would have had no feelings of his own: it mostly means that I need to approach the Political system with an understanding that they were criminals, to make sense of their insanity, one needs to think about instances where security lapses existed and then triple a persistent fear, so far it has led to a global level complain from their famous idiots, that I sacrificed their lives to attain my objectives but each time there is reprieve we end up with a worse outcome – something I did when I was younger, probability being that I will do it again as I grow too old to cope with this nonsense.

What we have had in place of progress was their Royal gold digger and home wrecker twats talking nonsense around here about the state of my standards – I could never tell anyway since they are not Political leadership, are not professional leadership, are not interest group leadership but a contraption of immoral society idiots that never want to get jobs and need to live in mansions by money gained through a process of threatening others being backed by bigger muscle twats and generally making others characters people bullied to befriend the wealthy – the point I am making being that they had no standards, mostly a gimmick that is set out on my social life so they appeared alongside their famous fools, to be capable of good behaviour. I mean it is said the standards issue was important but I will not tolerate it from them either; those who say it is important continued to fool around with the activities of a bunch of fools who had set themselves as characters that should be consorted whenever society scum wanted access to my privacy, not really the sort of crowd that people entertain when talking to others about standards – like the other gits above it ended badly once and appears to be heading down such a path once more. I mean they speak of the corruption in the Police force – of which the reality is still the same of the grade of corruption we had, where somebody was a racist and each time an Officer is investigating a crime, turns up for an opportunity to become a real man, when I got some state provided security I deployed it as a tool to ripping their boiler room fans economy and their interests in the Housing Market, there were few these days, what we now have mostly would be the recruits from Europe, legendary civil disobedience and hell having broken lose because a female officer removed a threat that pertained to me.

Still a three part story in all of the cases – the poor getting poorer gimmicks that people cannot perform without involving me if they were backed by bigger muscles and want me to respect their entitlement to feel safe and protected, the need to do favours at the security services in order to earn the right to finger bums they liked well enough to desire in such ways and of course my personal favourite, their version of what I am doing with the security services as a form of social and public activity – their famous idiots will not cease building publicity for quasi criminals who will then have attained a criminal activity that was beyond the law Books with and the other twats at the Monarchy have not stopped showering me with insults, so that whenever an idiot wants to be successful with something as stupid as the idea the security services was a place that offered freedom to practice spiritual wickedness if it was set out as a source of strength that facilitated the ability to tackle public threats, there would be little resistance. The work I do here required more effort and yet the cause of all my stress and health scare was a perverted interest in me that worked a violence from a safe distance, causing me to lose finances at a Bookshop, which calls for a response where I want to be a major contributor to their wealth and social inequality problems, as my warnings had since failed to take effect. I am set to begin with the famous idiots and some need to work financial fraud fame at my expense – they were the people who were now wealthy and famous enough to buy products the way that the quasi criminals planned to sell the products whilst the quasi criminals themselves were the only people successful enough to buy products that were sold over heart break, if both do not wish to play this game, I will have decided they were one and the same thing just as much as they were a problem that had to be eliminated. It is not the betrayal that they claim it is in anyway whatsoever, just an activity which sets out a need to express the fact nobody child was entitled to pass the insults at me like they believed their stupidities were – it picks up my career publicity for its own purposes, hopefully the King will not decide once again that it fought my wars because I am too much of a coward to do it myself and then I may perhaps get a single days break from media insults and people handling my financial matters whilst backed up by somebody bigger around here, if they were complaining more than I am and there was a way it was all my fault. Its like they say that I had a lot of anger on the inside which is much the same as the idea I am suffering consequences for messing with powerful people - any who wants to build an environment where people pushed me around and publicity for those who messed with my career were free to do it, just as much as the powerful people who wanted to give strength to society gits building a condition for people to push me around and celebrities a publicity for gits who messed with my career were free to do it too.


Welcome to my Office – mainly for Royal State Business but also Property deployed to facilitate the Estate Celebrity Court is Administrated here to facilitate necessary Royal Civil rights Admin. I have done it this was not just because there are some who enjoy taking property and job roles out of my Estate using Popularity Publicity which is really designed for profitable laziness. The newer versions of these behaviour have been born not only of evil and persecution of moral people but also of a process of setting out demonisation of those considered most worthy of work so as to ensure a means of escape regarding work place leadership quip is possible or as they put it, those who have the body type to withstand work place bullying which may also be handed in as tool for extremism when such a time had arrived.

(Please excuse my language on some occasion – it would have been inconclusive and disingenuous that while I am involved in controlling the abusive activities of the Famous and my Books are so rudimentary to speak in another form and term bearing in mind what Civil rights based, organised and petty criminalities become when their main support systems have been taken away from them.)

Mind some racial slurs, in context they mean nothing but never the less must be explained as a response to my position being incessantly compromised by people who also want everybody to think they do not need help from my exorcist and hence in a circular sense, need to become more responsible persons.






The clamouring for wickedness is now mostly developed around two main fronts – one being the claim that I always complained about my role and work, the other being that I made a mess and deserved what I got. Reality however are vastly different i.e. I do not complain about my role, save in this custom-built environment where I can complain to them endlessly; reason being that we are now living in a Country where every little administration directive had been undone, so a bunch of stupid men can chase other peoples careers and income margins. We remember back in history when the Queen cooked for the Royal family, we know that HRH Prince of Wales was old enough at the time to make sense of issues that arose and were handled thereof but are now living in a society where an administration process which involved finding out what exotic diets had come to the British market, gives way to public place narcissism that is to intense and invasive that it finds its way into peoples lives and targets people for their diets. I can also remember a time when they said we British got married at 16 and had children at 18 that were supported by the Government and that it was a backward facing society, since then which people have engaged with the careers a lot more but it was useless because House prices were now 4 times as much as they were – that is in a world where the South African currency unit bought in South Africa, exactly the same value that the British pound bought in the UK, especially with respect to locally produced goods and then it becomes incredibly annoying when it turns out the cause were such activities as a process where each time the Police brought crime under control in an area, they showed up to boost House Price and if crime was not brought under control we ended up with deadly problems, keeping an eye on me with a bad habits that prevents me from having a social life or looking after my finances properly, the keeping an eye on me part with a big mouth. The other claim that I made a mess which consequences I deserved which simply sets off history itself going back 20 years; started off with a need to have sex with a Virgin before anybody else does or simply violate it in some way through a narcissism, then it progresses to arranging music CDs in a certain way that helped their stupidities make sense of the fact they always compulsorily had to get involved with business while they were afraid of the markets, which progresses to hoodlums calling me out for a fight on the streets behind my back so whenever I stepped outside of my door, they churned my tummy with it and eventually led to social issues that followed me to University to ensure I dropped out, now we are talking about legally tangible property, its stupid need to progress its sense of entitlement and that of its idiots on Media into something of a need to damage the Bookshop because my responses were exhilarating, then tell lies and make excuses as it went along, building up to a sense that they might even start thinking the Bookshop belonged to them as well i.e. with a big mouth too, so their criminals would hear them blab. Complaining and making a mess therefore is easily the least of their worries at this stage, needs to stop handling me and find a real toy or I will find them and the stupid celebrities something that will ensure they were locked into gimmicks for an eternity.

It boasts endlessly with its finance industry robbery and finance fraud show business about the pleasure of what it had done to me – the part people did not believe apparently being the one where it made a mess of my affairs and it was explained in terms of what I studied at University, now it seems that people have to believe it when it is being explained in terms of the fact their stupidities were not getting a response, I for my part am going to make the matter serious again and leave them with a reputation of having won a great battle here, so that I can finger their bum as well, whether or not I actually got to do it. We had to listen to those insults about my provocative input, I could never understand where the input was being made – we know that when it shows up to breach my privacy for social gimmicks because it was an ageist idiot, I get to stuff it with information on my career which it carried about like PR I did not need to fund, the famous idiots will decide I am supposed to fight people on their behalf, the gits who got into trouble for messing with my affairs and the authorities show up to beat me down with problems because if I became a mad dog I would spend my talents fighting for its civil right – time and again started off by famous idiots who invited themselves into my social life everyday to talk through to me on Media when I had not killed it yet. It has to be the insults they got accustomed to and need to wait a bit for me to get accustomed to the activities that I want to get accustomed to as well. I mean the question of what a famous fool had to gain from the creation of a person against whom crimes can be committed which the law could not assist with, what we derive from this nonsense was a need for economic abuse that went up to the top where an Arch Prince solved public problems and their famous stupidities made money off it, we can see how it was better off where we did not discuss the matter and the question of how those who wish to stop them by talking got through to their stupidities without a need for physical harm.  The only relevant input here is the one that actually brings up the issue of standards which is that Politicians want me to play a major role in these matters.


Thus, the problem continued to fester. A story about my cowardice, something about people doing nefarious things which is not really linked up to me and the way that a group of gits who had an interest in my earnings working with Celebrity and fashion gits have progressed from insults about the way I needed to swallow all I said to fill their heads with what I was thinking, thereby ensuring I didn’t have to put up with their stupidities too much, which will churn my tummy and make a bad smell as they built communities of idiots that made sense of the fact my body had private parts to work it by. So big brother character has spent his time on nothing else save the business of building up the idea that my career and work should be factorised based on who is bigger than I am because he is convinced there will be no consequences grave enough to put his stupidities straight over it. The whole thing is not linked in anyway to a life of relationships with others over work and career matters, in terms of those whose income does not look the hard work they do, those whose incomes matched the work they did and those who didn’t have to worry about money but I dropped out of University because it never stopped following me around to get paid for being popular over my social life and especially made statements at University about something having emerged of a sociological sensibility surrounding the way I pursued my academic work and engaged with the environment in the process and the Muslims especially could not stop showing up to chase sales over it while I was studying until I dropped out and it got worse but so have I also lived up to the threat of catching up with them at the jobs market at this stage. Hence the idiots have had this nonsense for the best part of a decade and a half and need show up here only if they want to read my Books, as it is always possible to track back all the nonsense that have given them the edge to show up here to tackle me all the time, thereby developing the means to arrive at the stage that will allow me sort out far their big mouth really goes when my entire life stagnates because their stupidities were bigger than I am and of course bearing in mind my University studies and the environment I built for it is not yet in order if I am dealing with a test from their stupidities everyday – up to the new abusive practical jokes about the attitude in my diet which is set to ensure there was enough abusive processes to prevent me tackling their stupid Celebrities if they grabbed my career for those in order to run small businesses that the Celebrities will support, making money at the under belly of cities to blow off the insults at me and LOL my predicament for every occasion that their stupidities had a party with the earnings, talking nonsense at me as though they were the people paying the bills the entire time they handled my career and delayed it long enough to build themselves the sort of madness that they wanted to handle and tackle it with. It needs show up here when it wants to read my Books, not when it wants to make money with market I built and set about mocking me whenever it has a party with the proceeds, and all will be well – that is continued when its stupidities are bigger than I am is an assumption they were the best at looking for trouble. 

All British subjects want to do no business with characters that the Monarch historically wishes not to do business or engage with. That they have progressed from a handful of abusive people who threaten my career to characters that make decisions on what my public relations was, is an example of the reasons Politicians get desperate enough to claim that I bite off more than I can chew and then take steps to redact everything I had done to stand up for myself, which is wholly incorrect and leads to unforeseen consequences. This has been about solving a specific problem, a problem of lies told to trash everything I had worked for and to leave me this character that works his way to the top of Industrial activities while being deprived of financial benefits by goons who show up where I had done the best work for my career to make a mess that satisfied their practical jokes and set me out as a character that will now teach them what they must do to make money being that they are socialists. It makes sense to explain all I do with big business, that when they get involved, they got to look the part thereof. They do claim they have given me a very difficult time but have done no such thing, just a process of announcing their station in the world – it seems that people are not meant to defend themselves when attacked from social matters point of view unless they were going to do something violent about it, otherwise they were homosexual; so this was the view point of any git who would only find the world tolerable if everybody was gay. The problem is the way it shows up here with insolent gold digger, self-exhibitionist narcissism, to target me all the time, address me endlessly, working a stupid crowd that will forcibly make me go from the way I stand up for myself to doing something violent about social matters which was what I was meant to do to serve them in the circumstances but decided not to go all the time – it has actually picked up my service processes to build me a public profile on my Bookshop, that satisfied a version of me that its stupidities would be able to tolerate, shooting off the big mouth about American leadership.

I am informed this was all a grand case of being informed that other people were superior to me which is so incredibly annoying as it is impossible to keep a Royal Office as a single Royal, considering it is play up at the Armed Forces and then I may be single permanently losing state operations authority and if I married a divorced person, will be consigned to cultural duties, both of which were below my present status. I have set out the way that I do not wish to run my finances outside of wedlock, as the risk was that the finances will break up the marriage later on but we can see how it provided the stupid men an opportunity to show up here for conversations about bad things women did, of which if my arguments were correct, my career and finances will be suspended via the yap yapping popularity gimmicks on media to run me down and share my privacy with the hoodlums, boys on the streets and criminals, so that they might acquire a disposition where they could say that they were more important than I am before my arguments about the so called bad things women did, were allowed to stand. So it is a simple two part matter of having I made it easy for people to pick up on social media and decide if a marital relationship with an Arch Prince is what they needed in their lives, on the other hand I am clearly a match for any well to do and wealthy women in the City provided the lower classes were not running my life, hence their superiority granted.

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We have now been labelled the thorn in Europe which is not in any way linked to reality. Brexit has happened because of differences in the way that things are done on both sides which cannot be reconciled. The way that we work with people from Africa and the Middle East is a typical example for instance but what the Germans and French think of it is that they were entitled to a bigger and better version of the way that we work with the rest of the world, of which the question then applies that if we were a political and Diplomatic Union with the French and Germans making bigger contributions, then there should be no problems if they wanted a bigger and better version of the way we worked with the rest of the world and so this is the problem – mode of operation that cannot be reconciled. The rest of it is largely a matter of the sort of stupidities we witness all the time where my Literary Empire was understood in terms of the popularity of German and French twats, who never go into an Office to do a job if they would rather cling to my earning margins instead, will not hand the job to others if they were not doing it as well all together, then show up to run down my accounts Books everyday hoping to enter a phase in which the rest of the world were enjoying products built from my property equity while I spent my days making assumptions about something I was a part of or belonged to me but my position was never valid and I found out too late – no respect whatsoever for what others do naturally and its insults are usually unbearable. Even as I have mentioned this, they will be off to more gimmicks with a stupid media and it becomes necessary to point out I don’t have chains to their legs, preventing them from returning to their National and or Public interests, when they show up here it should be for the purpose of reading something I had written and not to pillage my earning margins and hang about underbelly of cities to make money and LOL at me.

There is talk of the wealth inequality issues and the fact that no matter how much effort was put into the problem, it never gets resolved – but it is largely due to promiscuity, the Government is unable to Police industry practices properly because it does not wish to spend time doing so; it is rather common sense that if people create bad business systems, should it become successful beyond their wildest dreams, they will not be able to shut it down even when they thought that they were making too much money.

They do suggest I am living out the existence of a failure which is what I really am and it is utter nonsense, just as much as it is all their history and not mine, supposing that I am a failure since last they began to spend most of their time ripping up my Bookshop and only became successful with a practical joke that can affect my Clients in 2019, thereby achieving an unsuccessful me. The other part of this story being the idea that people think they had worked out how to run me down and become more important and then I say something which showed they were never close but it is an old story where we talk about people who engage in all works of life – the Children running around the streets being useful to careers of parents hosting international product fairs, board meetings with other people who warn no less than 2 million pounds PA and eventually even the social situation where the famous will not allow others get by, while people generally devised a way to push back at the famous as well. The one that involved them was below that, like some responsibility that will take my life; ageist gits with industry on their minds when other peoples children attend University, society goons with a need to build communities that finger peoples bottoms and the criminals who are the obsession of the celebrities and Media, the criminals that want to make use of peoples personal spaces, so those who pushed back were taken advantage of by their victims. Here it gets to make sense of my social station being above the first, their social station being a responsibility for me, needs to find a real toy to spend its time on fooling around or I will find it one and it will then fool around forever. It blabs all the time that there was nothing I could do, would be referring to failed coup attempt goon who had since found out it was doing the wrong thing and set about fighting my wars to avoid dropping to the bottom of society considering how much it loves its Country – I cannot pin down the idiots who get imagination around my private parts naturally as they work so hard to distract me from doing so and have been getting help from corrupt Royals for it too, the insults will only ensure I worked harder at doing so. In the end, the git who continued to buy everything they displayed at the market place whenever they behaved in such ways and pillaged peoples careers to make more money, appears to engage with a behaviour that suggested he or she would like to be stopped painfully.



 It is usually said I have no way of defending myself from them which is not the whole truth of course since I had made it clear I am whole sale into the selling of my books as I had finished most of preparation last year but they are still doing that routine where they have seen 200 pages of a 300 page book on a web preview and when I ask what they will do now they have seen good stuff they decide they will keep it and make out the reason to be that they have so much money I wouldn’t mind and it can only continue until I own their own as well and then what I have done so far will start to look like a picnic all together

 There is no truth to that claim I am a victim of internet abuse; what happens most of the time is that they wait for me to build up a history and then set off to deploy it to their own ends and so I have to deal with market damage and property damage but because every one of their actions are followed up with violence that will make me see why I should allow them do whatever they like I suffer the health effects – it does not actually mean they are taking advantage of me as such and of course the one that will take a stand one day is the one I will make an example of as well so we can find out how much the social networking site owners will protect them from me instead. I have never thought it an issue – they will say they know all about me right down to my personal life but then again there are socialist idiots buying shares in other peoples company who want their community croons all over my anus and penis and so on because that is how their narcissistic happiness that makes advertisement and popular culture fame and fortune works, so they have these idiots they have started to describe as socialites, the history I have with those as well, so seem to have an issue about being successful by making sure others had failed and regularly cannot leave people alone if they appear on tabloids and glossy magazines to talk nonsense instead about how the fact they are famous and rich is other peoples fault for paying attention to or talking about them but then again I suppose the warnings here are very clear as it were: so that when they are done telling fortunes of celebrities and abusing them with that great intensely intimate sense of insult that answers all their problems in life, they set me out and make their own publicity for me, get rejected by celebrities and now have their new celebrities for the future; people like Kim Kardashian, people like Taylor Swift and my personal favourite Justin Bieber but generally the new name for these kinds of individuals, the history I have with them as well is 'socialite' who clearly cannot keep their stupid hands and their curators their stupid pens and cameras off other peoples public work, royal estate and possessions, now my personal life is in trouble all the together they say with a big mouth; so do I think they are vulnerable? Of course not; these individuals want my personal life and like to take pictures of themselves on my property equity and extract millions from the perks of my office for two reasons and one of those is that if they are women they are having their orgies with rackety middle range fat cats to assume when you issue a warning you are referring to back stage media which is why they seem to have this need to show up naked in public all the time seeking other peoples personal lives that can give anything and the other is that there is nothing I can do about them yet - so it is possible that I could be bluffing. I mean we do hear they are breaking down a British Empire of course and it will never be clear how that means when people are prevented from peddling other people religiously sacred positions and Royal Renaissance they can involve their stupidities and damage finances and get married on the fact they are single and yet that part was always started either by their need especially the Americans to be taught sex by a preacher boy which I am notorious already for the things I do when people provoke me in that way especially around finding girlfriends and wives at my expense, never mind the fact I have women Loyal to me who regularly ask their husbands to fuck them like I would, so it is still impossible to work out what it is exactly they want from me as well although I am stuck on finding out too - after all we all know it cannot be any more than that old issue of girls enjoying the kind of feeling they should not be denied before their time in the world is spent and that it is never a new prognosis: we hear them speak of their Neo-Liberalists achievements and powers which is supposed to have gone beyond the celebration of pushing others into corners from where they can no longer recover, for the fun of what they claim is an association with culture and society and we all know they have achieved no such thing and that it would take me only a few second to build myself up to a point of pushing them into a brick wall as well, especially if I chose popular culture celebrity awards and the shows and meetings they do that fosters those as the tool I need on the matter - speaking of which they are still hard it, hard at the old question of how much money is enough money to become more important than a Royal Prince and put him in a place where he is complaining others are deploying his possessions to get rich with when that is not actually true - so it is a fair advice to remind that we all try to live in a world that is tolerable for everybody as it were and for their need to turn up in public to destroy my personality to a point where they are damaging career and public life does mean I have had enough of them around here and will not tolerate any neo-liberalist powers and achievements as well.



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