On the work that mistresses and the socially corrupt Celebrity and Media world has been doing for civil living, It is said that I have created the impression that my websites are British Government websites while they are not but I am usually left wondering if that was really the impression or what they were interested in, is the abusive disrespect about which they will soon have consequences to complain of, all the way to lifestyles they hoped to adopt when they lobbied Politicians. The point of it is that I am aware the Literary Empire I built is big enough to raise me enough money for a Royal Hermitage and an Arch Prince’s Public image and if my work, International reputation and property does not appear like it really is publicly and financially, they will never be free of me and we are about to progress to the part where their families got a feedback for it regularly as well.

The writing has been on the wall for sometime now, since I have been talking a lot about the what they believed they were entitled to whenever they lobbied Politicians and decided how others should prioritise their personal finances thereof but I am not involved in the Political process and their stupidities need give me my space. The bullying associated with the way people should see other peoples personal finance disposition was their invention, I only took them up on it.

I already got away with it, should the question arise; Patents have been put to the fact I have already set in motion a cluster of events which ensure that should any fighting occur, they would remain British, so would I and if they had taken anything from me, it would be up to me to decide how I felt about it and I do not plan to take anything from their stupidities - the same applies to the all my interests on the Global stage.


So it is said that I had no respect for Political authority when it becomes clear that lobbying Politicians was merely a matter of how much people would earn on their current resources with ongoing Government Policy and the reasons it is pressing enough for them to share the wealth with Politicians that might help make that Policy – the problem with these goons on the other hand is that they had a pathological fear of work but would not settle for a living wage if it was a gift, their abuses last for as long as stupid is good because they had not met somebody that was just as willing to go round and round the circles of insanity at their expense. I do get asked if I think they are irrelevant but it does not matter to me if they were – we see it all the time when Politicians are not busy making excuses to suggest the point at which it was up to me to decide what the law says on how I should be handled was when I was complaining about them and when they showed up at Parliament to discuss what should be the financial consequences of my so called attitude, its still me complaining about them; I will rent a home from one of their idiots and end up dealing with insulting abuses all the time and a process where they showed up like representatives of a higher power to check up on me and account for me, sometimes to ensure I am safe and other times to ensure they got what they wanted off me – which they do know is racist naturally as they have not got a buffer for that as well, enjoying their insulting practical jokes to any extent their stupidities wished for the time being and telling me damage to my career is not a big deal. Hence I understand I am targeted in this way because I have wrecked everything Nationalists have built for themselves over years of work which is not really the case as involvement with Nationalist matter would have been a security risk for an Arch Prince to take – what really happens is the way I punish them for damage done to my career due to a Country that exists in their imagination and a decision I must make about how far I was willing to go with the Punishment. So in terms of what I really think of Political authorities, we know there is a minister for every aspect of relevant social and public living and that all these ministers answer to the Prime Minister, so if there is a minister for work and pensions and there is a minister for education, the Prime Minister is the person you want to meet when you go to work and when you take your children to school respectively etc; what really happens being that they wanted to be able to take what they want from others without being nice and need exists for the consequences of their personal decisions, so they decided it was a matter of other peoples attitude towards the political system, same way they think I am harmless but I rather think that it would please them to know that my version of disrespect was more a matter of the idea I may do whatever I liked with their interests as its not really a risk that they are likely to take up National service; Scottish Nationalists were more the ones that got away with it and are now some form of major contenders in Parliament. They do suggest that the sentiments held in the business communities have shown the reasons I am hated and to what extent but it is irrelevant to me what they hated; this nonsense about others suffering because they were business people, of which none is putting a gun to their heads to make them and then all hell breaking lose in other peoples lives because they cannot go along with the Law, meaning they were business men and criminals, appears to be something they do very well with their German friends but I have had enough of the insolence here. I do get the message that my fear is an all consuming thing but I do not know how that matches with claims of having located the reasons I am hated and targeted anyway; what really happens is that they want me to be afraid of the people in Uniform and whilst I may think its not a crime for others to despair about the way the Country is run, what we end up with is a relationship they had established between my fear of people in Uniform and what they want, while the other goons at culture tell me I will die if I messed with their culture (reality being more that I am the real thing and they are not; I have equally asked them how having women to dispatch where I had done the best work for my career added up to a stupid culture or indeed how the way culture and society asks the question of how far you go on either terms of doing the right or wrong thing added up to this sort of lifestyle - and of course we see them bay for war all the time while we cannot say we have seen them being overly nice to anybody on this planet).


Hermitage Holdings Ltd Office, Intellectual Property Administration, Functional Aesthetics Creativity Equity Broker &  Industrial Allies - Hospitality Administration 

Royal Author & U.K. Government Private Creative & Creativity Equity Intellectual Property Administrator

The Royal Estate White Communities Personal Finance and Book sales interference and usage Administration (about which I am said to have endless problems that cause a fear for my safety while reality is that its childish popularity and modern fools conducting narcissist happiness to get rich on which success and decency depends as a community of people - they have always been that way as the main means by which their Middle Class lifestyle is supported and I have always had under control i.e. my religion does not prevent me from getting a job or having my career and should stop being the thing that shows up before people when I sit across the table to discuss contracts and job roles with them - until when the white older men started again which largely involves making use of my products without paying and pointing me where my problems are located claiming it is what their democracy looks like, to pass around insults they claim amounts to how making those who have influence use it democratically or what their democracy and civil rights is - hence a case of making sure they get nothing from this Office or any part of my Public image until they had started paying - which will end this epidermic of people feeling sick to the stomach endlessly)

Some claim they are confused about the purpose of my activities as equally as they are complicit with a Public structure of Original provocation that Politicians have built up Legislative processes to cover up, such as to ensure that it remains like a splinter in the mind and facilitates financially profitable violence - I cannot seem to invent a means which deters people from behaving in this way or seeking to towards me, hence I had to embark on some real action.

It serves to say that if marketing Companies had seen any money I had tied to property at the concerns of this Office and the Hermitage, which I am not aware that I had, they will tell me about it and set out how they wish to earn some it while helping me release liquidity to pay my invoices.

Please excuse my language on some occasion – it would have been inconclusive and disingenuous that while my Books are so  rudimentary to speak in another form and term bearing in mind what Civil rights based, organised and petty criminalities become when their main support systems have been taken away from them.)

Mind some racial slurs, in context they mean nothing but never the less must be explained as a response to my position being incessantly compromised by people who also want everybody to think they do not need help from my exorcist and hence in a circular sense, need to become more responsible persons.



I am now said to be an example of the attitude the British exhibit and have been accustomed to doing so and it is utter nonsense; what really happens on the ground as fact is that Obama spends 8 years in the White House working hard on me because I support women and it needed to be shown that women were a bad idea, once done, he had built up structures for feminist criminals to get completely out of hand and Terrorists to do whatever they liked – protect yourself from Terrorists and feminist criminals, Obama is automatically made comfortable so you lose all your money, protect yourself from Obama, feminist criminals and Terrorists are comfortable, so you lose everything, possibly your life, not exactly clear what these goons expect us to do with this anyway but we are aware of the fact they claim the British did have the time ruling the world and this was the turn of the USA, they also have shown they live in a Country where it would not have mattered if they took tax payer funds and shut down Government because they could do anything they had on hand to do, anyway that they wanted to do it.

Then there are the others on the side lines, biggest of the lot being the Muslims – the one group of people that show up here to complain about me all the time of which I do not suppose their complain may have been linked to what happens when they are a group of people that will always provide public support for any occasion in which somebody had suggested at National level that another person or groups of persons were inferior? The sorts of stupidities they are accustomed to in the Middle East and Northern Africa and show up here to exhibit at my expense keeping up damage to the academic work that they were responsible for working with Celebrities and Popularity gits to damage in 2008 to begin with? Then there are the Celebrities as well and they are so stupid, they want to meet up with people they know, who control structures and systems of information by which to get around earning the income of an Arch Prince because it was sweeter than working for their own, have never opened the Dictionary at any stage or come across the definition of the word stupid but have become quite accustomed themselves to the business of either threatening me or trying to convince me they were famous and important – so this did not go without the notification of idiots at Industry who make their money for the purpose of hurting others, that immediately threw their money at the Celebrity fools.

Its still their main problem and I have pointed it out many times, boasting and blowing off that big mouth about how I could never get out of it when they are not weeping and wailing over practically issues – that they are unable to let other people be and to keep their hands to themselves, each time they suggest they want to, it will involve derivatives of my Books making them comfortable, which I suppose means I will have to advise their stupidities that the Books are things people will pay a hard earned money for all together as it were. I am not the problem here obviously – far from it. I do get asked about the trouble shooters at the British Monarchy as such but its apparently working at the Top end of British Government if I have a Royal Commission then and they were not thinking it was easy work or completely free of competition; such that stupid dog play with people and those insults to follow, will not chase the money where it is not making others very miserable is always likely to support every stage and occasion in which somebody had suggested I am inferior to them and it was suggested at a National level, turning up here to blow off that big mouth as well, clinging to my earnings and ripping up the academic work, will not stop following me around if it does not end badly.

Now it is said that I could never get myself out of my current condition and I will never know why such conversation make sense to people anyway. Its not a matter I will likely handle at other peoples time as such but its mostly I should say I case of stopping people addressing me, talking through to me or trying to advise me while they have not a foggiest clue what they were doing with themselves or what I am doing with myself and more so have no business doing such a thing all together. I do not see a condition here in anyway whatsoever let alone one that I am unable to get myself away from. What happens with these people and their Celebrity culture is that they are unable to keep their hands to themselves and cannot let other people be, so we find also that they have made out what I spend my time on has tended to explain them away, which is what they have come to believe because they had gotten as many people as possible to believe it and I want this nonsense to cease doing damage to my finances if they wish to stop complaining about me as well. The Complains of which are usually that I make a mess of everything for them while they were first at it, wrecking the academic work and the finances and five years later still at it keeping me off my concerns on Media and Show Business, looking for a response which they eventually got. There are so many ways in which this has occurred; if they buy a Car, they wish to ensure I have no money and then I will deploy a Royal Commission seeking money to a stage where since I am a believer in God, I would end up getting off a Hermitage and spend my time fantasising what I could do with the money if I were able to own their Cars for some reason, a nonsense on which their whole lives are now built because they have been running it off for years on media, their Cars will then become more important than God and that would be a life worth living at last, so they generally always want crowds of people to see that since this is their interest, I must be kept away from financial well-being – same as when the Politicians had spent tax payer funds on their financial needs and then spent some of it wrecking mine as well, which was never the stage at which they were in need of money and self confidence but they had soon turned it into a story about bullying me to feel good about who they are, fulfilling some dream of seeing me become afraid of them when the financial anxiety is then passed off on Media as a fear of successful people like we have seen them perform well at. So we find they claim I would not fare well in the affluent neighbourhoods, while reality of that was rather a matter of the fact that I am already aware they cannot keep their hands off people or let people be because of Celebrity culture, it also means they tell lies all the time in order to keep at it irrespective of what the victims were feeling – they always say that it’s a matter of the price people are paying at the Armed Forces of which I could never make sense of anyway; first of all, they are Middle Class and I am not and the complain I shut down their Celebrity and popular culture is based on this nonsense; something about how I cannot leave my home without being made to smell like my loo in Public places and how I cannot tell them off for running their problems and media based jobs on my Public image which they have been chasing as if it belongs to them, only to issue threats each time I try to explain to them how much distress it causes me and brag about the amount of food they ate at a restaurant because they get about Celebrity culture and were able to raise the funds to spend on such an amount of food, just in case I tried anything, as stupidly as possible, then tell me I have no respect for them or their achievements, that while they study and become successful I think that I can mess around and keep a public service Office by which to dominate people, whereas what I do was always in keeping with a Prince who has studied the Law doing his Royal duties. The point is, they are Middle Class and I am not, saying so may mean they find some Upper Class friends they can make trouble for me with but I do not think this will bother me that much anyway, need to know their place well and keep themselves off my concerns, stay away from my Books and stop following around – if they are worried about the Price people pay at the Armed Services and this was the reason behind most of their abusive actions, I cannot understand why they know I am aware they do nothing else with Celebrity culture save ensure I am always in a perpetual fight for security which the society and culture trouble makers that build private security service businesses can copy and sell to them to feel like Kings and Queens by but will still regularly show up to behave in a way that suggests they want proper government business in my care to end up in the hands of such goons, as if they were unaware of what will happen to their affluent neighbourhoods if that were to happen – especially as they are also now very well aware that I am far more manipulative than they are, especially as I have been getting their culture and society trouble makers to pick up jobs at the Armed Services for spending on themselves the sweet bits of my life. In the end I could never understand it personally anyway, what motivates people to behave in a way which means that when I had told them off for running their lives and careers on my public image and building crowds that will help them churn my tummy by, they do it all over again and issue threats at me less than an hour later and perform such acts on the most public platforms imaginable – their affluent neighbourhoods have nothing to do with it and I would fancy they left me well alone.


It is now said that people are not actually confident that I am in control of matters around me but such confidence is largely a matter of making it look as real as I am getting it all together; when Politicians turn up to wreck my academic work and finances and show up in public places to abuse me over the consequences, I do not allow any other sense of what is happening cloud the fact it is a search for discriminative privilege at my expense, which will court an equal response as well, just like I would the Celebrities showing up to ensure the society and culture gits that sell them private security were ripping up and copying my whole life to make it happen. That said, the reality on the ground is that they spend money they have on self-maintenance and then they spend some more of it to provide for Celebrities and I only need keep an eye on the business of them grabbing markets around here because they think they should own all the money in the world – in which case we find there is another group of idiots involved in the matter, who show up to let them grab market somewhere and then turn up around my business over such issues to blame me until I did something about it in return for nothing; so its all very vindictive nonsense at the end of the day, not least the ethnic minority twerps with a need to get me responding to the racism issues that are tickling their important stupidities, they were supposed to be the ones that will end up paying financially for following me around at academic institutions to rip up the studies. In the end it’s a matter of me sorting out consequences for the fact that for every occasion in which I clear out these matters, we find them make some more excuses, claim I had done something which deserves it, do damage to my finances and jump on my public image for conveniences and money backed up by violent people from their society that they can refer me to, thinking they are examples of human beings to say the least and if I tolerated it will likely tolerate it for eternity – it’s a matter of getting them to keep off my Books, stop following me around, sort out their own problems and get some real jobs.

The Celebrity ones who speak of teaching me lessons all the time; we all know that if somebody is famous they would say that bearing in mind my whole life is steeped in tradition, culture, society and government, they are not like a Royal Prince such as myself but these goons are less than normal Celebrities, they are famous by being notorious and will not stop blowing off the big mouth until they end up meeting with me and then have to teach those stupid lessons they brag about endlessly. In the end my point of anger is that there is no real connection between deploying somebody’s public image to make fame and fortune without permission and ripping up their academic work, except you have done something terrible to somebody on grounds that you are taking advantage of them and do not want the natural limits to come into play when it is supposed to, hence when it forgets its stupidities and the fact it could never sit with a spouse on a dinning table to discuss the Home finance inventory since it is unable to account for the money that ends up in its stupid bank account while it gets to do any damage it wants here as both leverage and blackmail, it may teach me lessons otherwise it may keep its big mouth firmly shut.

The Politicians have complained of the damage I have done to their Political system naturally but these are the same individuals that took up 5 years of my time, spending tax payer funds to follow me around at University with gangs and criminals until I dropped out, to ensure the very sensibility of the gangs and criminals I kept away from personal life and career before the end of my Teens, were back in there when I had bills to pay off, once finished, we then found them get off announcing Billions of pounds to be spent on the education systems, thereafter the employment of an education minister to whom they paid tends of thousands of pounds, showed up in public places after that to tackle me all the time expecting me to keep its stupid secrets. It has become a simple matter of making these goons suffer over my Books as there is no other language they understand; I mean the industry ones who appear to be clever will be the ones that are aware the last time they got off chasing money around me, I ended up being a University drop out Prince, now what they are saying is that I think chasing money is a bad thing when everybody knows I want them to stop chasing it around my concerns, about which we find whenever I put something up on social media my whole life is toxic because of it already on account of money – the rest especially the politicians claim I am being dominated by those who were elected to lead on account I had refused to co-operate with their stupid needs and their American friends had therefore delayed my Book sales until they had the advantage that allowed them dominate me with these cultures that were associated with the fact they are the ones who occupy the leadership position; so it is clearly incredibly stupid and the only language it understands is incredible suffering – the reasons its foolish mind works that way is always even more interesting i.e. hatred for religion and everything parents taught and said, then when they grow up, they realised they had not learned anything and only have energy to hurt people a narcissism that will become profitable at a later stage if the Politicians and Media idiots had allowed it, making out they were very important themselves. It is not to bad that they happen to be the same group of people blabbing about control but when it comes to control itself the Politicians like to say I am doing badly but I am not, as when these goons are back inside of peoples lives long after they had been moved on during teenage years, somebody wants to make them get on hands and knees to grovel before giving them the public control they do desperately seek and as for the public control that was within their grasp, I am now doing that bit myself all together and hoping they will stop disturbing me at this Hermitage, as I look forward to a time when this place will be quiet enough for people to simply show up and read Books I had written. However with the need to pass insults at me, take the handling people and not being able to keep their stupid hands to themselves, always have to touch, abuse, dominate and lead getting completely out of control, it is becoming ever more obvious what they understand is torment and the assumption they make that they are better is there at the very heart of it. The Industry ones are rather very good at coming up with ways of distracting me, running off sorts of nonsense I am supposed to respond to on Media while their abusive disobedience got completely out of hand.

So I am told that I have taken all the time in the world to get where I am but it has always rather been a matter of an issue that was getting out of control stage by stage and needed to be monitored and manged in that way, it’s a feat they could accomplish for themselves apparently let alone accomplish for other people; this which then will set the stage for Politicians to suggest the more I say is the more obvious it becomes that public matters are out of control which is utter nonsense – what we are dealing with is a generation that will never allow a thing operate as Nature had intended it and one must behave towards them in the same way too – we can already see the effect is that the Government is unable to plan anything with them or to lead a civil service with them in a way that makes the Country successful. The women love to claim I started it while reality has rather been that their new culture is that they own me, while the blacks become ever more abusive than they have been, blowing off the big mouth about having taken away my manhood and spent it getting around with some stupid real men that have money to spend, the Whites were supposed to be super stars on my Public image until I stupidly and provocatively decided to exist like utter idiots.

The part where it is said that I get around picking up jobs that have nothing to do with me being the bits that involve their Politicians who think that any wickedness can get to any degree at Government buildings and therefore set about it there for such purposes and reasons; so whilst they do that, they have not given me an alternative career and its become a contest to see if the force that drives them to such behaviour is greater than the one that drives me towards success and more so on a personal level. We see this nonsense at Industry as well, they claim I know what I know but I am still where I am which I have no idea how they were able to determine where I am in the first place anyway – what we know is that they set about some narcissism that involves a condition in which when I am in some form of pain or distress, it makes them happy and when they are happy they sell products, this then feeds into the sort of nonsense we see their older idiots exhibit about me grabbing or seeking jobs that have nothing to do with me who think that National income is built up on the basis of them having the best life while everybody else wants to be a part of it, when they studied economies and business to University level, which had showed them this sort of behaviour has the reverse effect on National income and how a healthy national income feeds into business when they want to own or run one, then we see them set about with their Celebrities churning my tummy by getting used to bits of my Books I had given away as information that will help save lives, talking nonsense about push comes to shove and how I need to shut down the product all together on account it has a different purpose their suits their very important stupidities best, which then feeds into the activities of another group of fools that expect me to live with the damage they cause here on account they constantly are in a state of dreaming that my mind will be deployed towards working their civil rights and then send them off to civil rights stratosphere in that way, this then feeds into the actions of their stupid politicians who always tend to pretend they are unaware these people are never supposed to get an exit from this behaviour at other peoples expense especially on the financial front, since these sorts of behaviour do not help them pay the bills, eventually ending up in this outcome where I am over 30 and do not know how to get my hands up peoples bums but the reasons they will always get the better of me, spread me around and extract money from my work as if they can afford the Royal Public image is that they have trained their stupid children from Childhood to be able to do such things, looking for an outcome where I came up with a counterplan as well. I do wish these idiots realise I am selling the Books but it is really not worth it getting rid of the other facts that come to light concerning the reality that they are always interested in wicked activity that makes money – such as destroying my Book sales because they accessed information I had given away from it to help save lives when Public and Society matters were getting out of hand, shortly after which we find them show up in public places to seek civil rights or fight for mine. So it does not know anything about where I am and loves to brag of how National income can be made according to a business of them living best life while everybody wants to be like them, which I do not dispute as long as they were paying when I worked, save what we have is such degrees of distant insults and abuses and media gimmicks which mean they can spread me around, ensure I work on my Books over and over again, cause myself degradation and obscurity while they facilitate new forms of homosexuality from my personality to blow off the big mouth about the sorts of respect Millionaires deserve from me, all of which will ensure that while I worked and they gained, they did not get to pay, their stupidities having evolved thereof again. The Media ones do love to help them feel confident about being able to make a mess of my finances when there is a sense everything I do and say can be spent by the Media where people happily oblige but it is fast becoming a matter where they had stopped addressing me like they could afford the Royal Public image in the first place, in the same way we know that this behaviour allows the society gits get off claiming my whole life is now in the hands of Media and Celebrities from where I could never recover it, all the while which I already have a Public image and do not need get around making a vagabond out of myself before what I do for a living and my person is respected by their stupid media jobs, they are aware of some of the consequences and have been complaining about it but this behaviour has never taken a turn for the better – like I mentioned earlier about the idea they are oblivious to what will happen to their so called affluent neighbourhoods, when top end government matters end up in the hands of society and culture gits that provide their famous stupidities with private security that they spend their money on.




I really do feel as if each time they make out what Ia m doing on the internet is not real, especially for the purpose of these gimmicks, they need to be in pain for some reason. I now appear to be deploying a Royal Office for the purpose of making them feel happy and comfortable with themselves, while their stupidities have reached a stage where they were making sure I had never shut it down and ensured they could never access what they were addicted to further – speaking of the subject of me being dominated and ready to be stepped on however, that was an old case where as long as Politicians are convinced they can screw with me, these idiots can be assured that I will never dedicate enough time to their society and culture stupidities to actually ensure they listened and understood what I was saying to them for my part as well. Their whole lives have evolved in the last decade alone into a structure that says career and work is about me being worse off with what I am doing on account they do not know how to do it, so as to maintain their foolish superiority and the problem with it is that I become cash strapped, whereby it is never true that the US due to its diplomatic alliance with the UK is not able to protect its Citizens from the British, as the reality is more that those who hated the British needed to carry on, so we may avoid the bigger problems of not knowing where their stupidities were coming from next.


Now they say I claim Liberal America and its friends are intolerant and I need to explain this disposition but I wouldn’t know anyway – we all know its not as simple as tolerant or intolerant, its largely a matter of the fact that whatever they are complaining about is completely avoidable and the main reason they complain is that I am an Arch Prince who is being rounded up with media like sheep by a group of fools telling me how to exist and seeking to control my financial well being for their own ends, hence the structures for operations which hurt them are those I have erected to ensure whatever stupidities they came up with was suspended for the duration of anything I am doing and the fact they are always in need of money was always completely irrelevant. They do speak of some security I get layer upon layer but I have never thought it a complicated issue either – we all know that if I do not appear as if I am about to drag Celebrities into a Law Court and get money off them over damages or some form of compensation, I will be the one giving them money because they took my identity from me, once I am done being sued. I wish to ensure they understood every complain they make is avoidable as every 24 hour can pass peacefully with a sense that I am a writer with some Books to sell being what most people know about my daily concerns, not a case of meddling, extracting money, putting labels on me, building crowds behind their stupid selves and calling me their brother for all sorts of media insults while they are not sharing the salary that gets to their stupid heads and then telling me that what I am doing on the internet is not real while my social media profiles are followed by multinational companies, only for me to find them get around trying to grab some career that clearly does not belong to them and a back breaking work for me that I can clear out in a matter of weeks and months which is not going to pay a penny – all completely avoidably.

The Celebrities are a typical example of why it has to be this way – the rest operate on the basis by which I am asked why I think people do these things all the time I.e. about the fact they are evil and some of them are trying to say that in Africa or Asia they were the secret society gits with powers that can drive people into mental institutions when their needs are not being met by those who have got it, hence my case with that is as simple as their stupidities letting it be the fact that I am a writer with some Books to sell, every 24 hours, if they wish to be free of what they are complaining about as well. The Celebrities however are the ones who would on seeing what I am saying is significant, spend it on themselves to express the power they have through instant media and how they find such stupidities amusing if I continued to resist them, they have always achieved this other stupidities that concern building communities fools who discuss plans of doing things to me all the time and will not shut it down, so it has become the means by which they ensure I smell like my loo every time I step out of my door as stupidly as possible, telling me if I bandied around the fact they were fucking famous in public places I would get into trouble for it with a big mouth. So they love to select self-improvements from what I am doing for a living to top up personality because they need the fix,  and have become accustomed to telling lies on media and to show me who is really important as a cover for doing so, as stupidly as possible and I want them to vacate my space, not spend time speaking of what they complain about while I am off on a trajectory, with a big mouth. 

So its an old case of a people who have no wish to work for their own incomes and it is always criminal activity if people are not paying enough attention to it - they say I would not gather up tools to make a big racket in a place like Hollywood for example if I am putting up with 11 years of financial complications while they have needed to top up their personality and are always in dire need of what I do for a living without paying for every moment with their stupid media because they could determine what I said and where I could say what I have said. So it goes without saying they claim whenever it goes away I switch it back on because I believe myself to be very tough but what really happens is that each time it ends provocatively, I am so blinded by anger I cannot concentrate on what I am doing, I will get it back on as it were, perhaps unto the day we meet, makes sense of how they can control what I say and where I say it, if they find it impossible to keep their stupid selves from my Books and vacate my space. They always say I have no money but we all know its been a 15 year onslaught of a process of handling my person and work to seek out the market value, then set about gimmicks that will see me grovel for money, I have tolerated it long enough and quite unnecessarily even though I can track the equities involved, so I suppose, it goes without saying, that they need keep away from the Books if they have no wish to buy or read them. What they really do with their time is practice these behaviour on those who are not aware it simply does not work to get out there and chase money to be successful, you must come up with a plan that helps you live and leaves something you can thrive well on when you are a pensioner - so they build this Publicity for me that puts me in the same category because it means when I defend myself they have a crowd that can make me pay property wise and financially on account the crowd is needy, then sets about needing my career everyday as its special thing for being famous, to tell me where I would not say what I have said, until it ends up hopefully with a case whereby I took the risk to do so all together.

They claim I encumber their career while no such thing has ever happened, what happens with this gits in my case is that they want more than one career at a time and mine is just a really good one that people can ascribe to them as something that will show they are very important and then make them some money later on whenever they felt like it and we know they can never have enough, its so important to get it that they are always setting out some process of giving themselves public place promotion on this garnished with lies that suggest its all my fault until the deed is done and finished with insulting stupid threats that question the theory they are in need of civil rights. Then we find them claim that I am disrespectful when their insanity was in possession of cultures and societies that help them churn my tummy and hurt my bum to stop only when I co-operate with their needs and assume the threat of destroying it if I got my hands on it was a bluff – whereby they say the world is much bigger than just myself, which has nothing to do with the fact that this business of needing it happened the day before and the month before and many years before this year, indicating they understand it is incredibly stupid but enjoy using it to magnify their personal importance as a means of earning money I have worked for and looking after the state of their personal conveniences but will not put a stop to it because they believe no consequences will come forth from spending my time on themselves. The Celebrities are convinced that  am done for and finished while there is nothing to suggest when Industry people get together to give them money and buy them expensive entertainment kit, that the theory they were famous was one that was supported by fact and yet we know that they understand the business of showing up around my firm to need my assets in order to secure acting and music roles is not necessarily how acting and music roles are made but have rather convinced themselves that I am their new victim instead. So they do claim its racism and we all know racism is practiced by social outcasts and they always make themselves social outcasts for the purpose of targeting those who come into the Country afresh, what then happens is that when I have my own disposition, they work hard to take it from me because they are very important and in a decade and a half, never have come up with an answer for the problems I solved by having it, so I am going to take their own as well, especially the need to get their Celebrity and popular culture women and their media gits weeing on others literally. The bad things that must be done to people, so they might understand how the world around them works is never really bad but they never do it to themselves - likewise the position I have placed them and that stupid media celebrity culture is not negotiable; we have seen that what I do about them does not deter as much as the importance of those who have jobs on media is to ensure that it is seen in terms of what Media has justified, in order to keep alive the prospect of grabbing my fame even when I am a Public figure, making a mess of everything around here while expecting to keep their own stupid careers alongside the carnage. The entire time they tell tales of distracting activity from my Royal attitude but we all know the Industry aspects were the biggest problem and tells most of the story, never mind following me around to ensure I existed in a condition whereby those who had more muscles than I did had the advantage and I had no exit, that gets me spending the security systems they deploy keeping an eye on me to sell my Books and have no wish to build publicity for myself until it is under my control, much the same as they are never important to me unless they were doing some war or tackling some crime, while at the time time I have developed a mind that wants to target the younger ones due to incessant bullying that ensures all I have exist in a condition where rules do not apply and I am a character they can hurt and wish to attack all the time - such that in their view, showing up all over my concerns to make statements about my fantasies on an internet that is never real except for their nefarious purposes even when they see hundreds of people get involved with property Asset Equity brokered with me by the Companies that have employed them, while their children run around speaking of somebody who threatens the careers of their parents by endlessly claiming he is familiar with rich people, it would have added up to a behaviour that people exhibit to express how much they do not wish to be disturbed while engaged with their concerns.

They do claim I am fed up with mundane living even though I have no wish to accept their sermons on modern living – what really happens is that once I am done writing a Book and they have decided I would be carrying the weight of the world over my shoulders because of it due to their greed and stupidities and I have gone through great expenditure of time and energy to build a Bookshop, just before I start trading, I must protect my Clients again and again and again, then it adds to the other part that is not so circular, whereby I think of what I am doing at a Hermitage because people either show up to get me seeing they could not catch me as a child or over money issues or because I needed to find employment, so they have built up this life I should be living which is now in the hands of Celebrities and Media and I could never recover it and ensure their stupidities around my concern gets to secure a response and make me look like a petty character while they seek to extract money from my Public image, soon after which we find whenever a bunch of goons have jobs on media, they lend it to these twerps who then set about using it to show they have stolen my career, churning my tummy all day long. Still the central issue was that they are all so abusive and insulting they want to make use of my personality for their beauty sleep and to feel good about life, such that I can never get peace and queit to write and sell Books for a living while I have a Bookshop to look after and the neighbourhoods are always hell - soon enough which we find they are hurting my tummy due to the anxiety showing them I am suffering tummy ulcer all together and they wished to make an announcement on that endlessly and to punish me each time I push back, hence they never listen and each time I lose track of something I were doing the stress goes on for Hours and the abuses get worse because I am not peaceable enough for their stupidities to get what it wants from the personality - to stop me completing an academic pursuit for what happens to be a personality that they will abuse to fulfil their dreams, while I had decided I want to take the culture from the culture ones as well, the society from the society ones as well, hence they can fight but its never enough, while I want to take the business of getting women to abuse people over celebrity and popular culture from the Politicians, which ensures they can never cover themselves from the abuses thrown at them successfully as well, so that it ensures I do not have to do that much to protect myself from the business of seeing them follow me around to fixate me at that point where I get to drop out of University over and over and over again as it were. Hence since I am now becoming a character their children feel free to bully, I want to crush their celebrity culture to ensure this becomes a trend they can really make something from as well but as for the business of their disobedience showing me they have had enough of monarchy; what happens is that I seldom put up protest to seek redress for the abuses and insults and vandalism or raise publicity for these matters, so they have gotten so used to it that they have made a sub culture out of insulting me while the media ones want the fact their ability to get their services at home not being affected and their families being none the wiser these are the things they do at the Office while what I do at my Office is tolerate it year after year, right up to the point where they think that those clichés they brew out and try to enforce adds up to the business of making their own Laws, yet when I detach them from it find them depend on me for the rest of their lives, which then sets it out as something I do not wish to change – so if there were a revolution, there is only a fat chance I will be governed by them in hell, so that the business of showing up here to count pennies until the magically made millions on my Public image that then adds up to a success of naivety that their Politicians find respectful may get completely out of hand, especially since it would mean that making stupid people rich used to be a problem but now we were living in a world where stupid people governed the Country all together, making us all into a stupid Country.


They have become quite accustomed to this nonsense; the resurgence of their culture at my expense - the Men through corruption of involvement and lots of abuse supported on a Global stage by Americans and probably Russians as well, the Women with a need for privileges of Injustice supported by the same two group of people and perhaps some Europeans, Africans and South American twerps and before I could ask what it means I end up in a corner with their stupidities fixated on my Public image and property assets repeating their insanity endlessly, respect, respect as they do whatever they liked issuing threats - cracked up out of my league showing up here to blow off their big mouth so all of the time and making a stage for themselves for it with International Media.

I am now told that I have this sense built up of people knowing what I can do and an understanding I will do it again, which I think adds up to a process of intimidating people but I would ask if this is what people thought I was doing when I deterred them from handling my Books and Public image if I was not aware of the stupidities of Liberal USA building up a version of me that does not really exist and doing some much damage to my academic work and livelihood with it, that it threatens to gobble up the real me all together and so with respect to the question of intimidating people, I am left wondering if people are intimidated when they spend their time doing such stupid things to others. It is the way it was meant to work i.e. they make stupid people rich, then show up to handle my work and property extracting all the market value from it, which when deployed to make them money adds up to a leverage that makes them superior in the sense that they owned all the money in the world between them and the stupid people they manufacture into fame as popular culture canopies of narcissism but I have no responded to it for years because I wanted it to build up to a stage where it justifies the reasons I have to crush those stupid media lies that serve an excuse for making their disobedience profitable – so, a case of being intimidated would largely have meant that I took the business of them lending publicity to society and culture fools who spend time claiming they have grabbed my career until it became a self-fulfilling prophesy, so seriously that I begin to work towards a stage whereby we met in person, this is not happening, so I am lost as per where they think they are intimidated all together; the part where they claim I am not in control of the matter, regularly get attacked and bullied by culture and society trouble makers who report their deeds to Politicians will be the part that really expresses the facts that they were evil when we first met and now since that has been spent, are stupid all together because it depends on me, such that when they add up the evil and the stupidities they have all the power in the world, telling me my problem is that I run a business without Capital, while there seems to be a link between running a business without Capital and not being disturbed at my work in this Hermitage, such that it is leading towards a future where I do not place Capital on their stupidities like I have seen anything like it in my whole life before and then expect profit from it, feeling intimidated by me they are. I do get told I am not really the victim in the matter and yes I am not – the whole business of having fantasies about me running a livelihood and an existence in a condition that means my academic work and finances wholly operated where somebody else had more muscles, has now given way to an outcome where I am deploying those private security industry nonsense to ensure they were relaying my messages to the Politicians who are stupid enough to listen to it all the time, building up a sense from it that people had gotten a warning from me before I acted whenever my work and property is damaged such that I act on such assumptions endlessly, then deploy the Publicity for the purpose of selling my Books – goes without saying when I get hold of the culture and society, they really will have to live up to those stupidities we hear them blab off all the time by the time I am done with it. They have complained that the way I work and what I do exudes frustration that affects others, whereby I have no idea which is more frustrating i.e. that I leave University and get stuck somewhere reacting to the stupidities of society and culture gits, which prevents me from keeping jobs I get, at the behest of Politicians and Media fools or that I have set up my business in a way that offers them a choice to mind their own and keep out of it or get stuck with bottom hurting sex as well but then again which we can see that it never listens especially when it is an idiot that got elected some time earlier. So it feeds into this sense that I am weird and it puts people off, which really does not tally with the other claim that I have a lot of power that they want to be a part of, whereas the reality is that I write Books from the parts of those stupid ideologies of theirs which none should explore, showing up here to do me favours and get away with abuse all the time, so Liberal America decided to build me a global stage history for being the person that makes a living from bad ideologies as a process of facilitating and guaranteeing their stupid fame, before they started to think of whether I was worthy to get some Books sold, the result being that they are about to have me beaten up because I smell and I think they have not got the fucking guts for it, feeling intimidated because they are good at telling lies. As for the other business of the power people want to be a part of, I am likely the only person in the world who writes Books that Politicians are obsessed with but which get to the highest levels of Government where the sales are killed off like something the Nazis had failed to invent. On the whole its still the same old gimmick; building communities of idiots with ideas about what to do to me and when I clear it out they build another one and tell lies on Media where people think I intimidate others when they wreck my academic work and finances and set about making up their own version of what the public should think I did to deter them which did not have an effect because doing so was good for their self-confidence; never listens, will not get out of it if it will not stop complaining either.

They always say all I do is hopeless naturally but it has always been a simple matter of the peace and quiet I need to write Books at this Office, concentrating on my academic work and sorting out the needs of those who have bought and read my Books, if I am unable to get these three things every 24 hours, I will work towards an outcome where they cannot get their services at Home and their Families were well informed of the nonsense I have to tolerate whenever I get to my own Office everyday - so whatever carnage I am going to build from all these things to continue these processes of deterrence, the outcome will be to ensure I get into my Literary Empire Office and work in a peace I have created away from idiots who are always trying to share it and its earning margins. The story of me being disrespectful is not an emotive one; what happens really is the Men with their corruption of involvement and the Women with their search for privileges of injustice, so they always appear to have this need for my personal life and my concerns while their foolish children chase and seek to own my Public image, the point of access being the religious faith which will help them develop this sense that I am completely unaware that they are purely evil and then their involvement will ensure that anybody who wants to get their fingers up my bum in the imagination can always do it, which is where it starts to get real while their children claim I need give up religion because it is a bad thing as the popularity narcissism gets completely out of hand - so, the Muslims for instance have got their own sorted out in the sense that my involvement with their religion will produce the same effect and I will be murdered for being a heretic and an infidel and we find the same thing is happening with white people who have suggested there is something wrong with the idea of Muslims living in the UK i.e. I really do think the story of disrespect on my part is really past its sell by date (we know that once they had built up the communities of goons that will see them as victorious characters, you can never tell when it will strike which is why there is so much violence in their cultures and societies, never know when it will strike, for instance done something strange with your food or claim that it has along with the Community it built claiming the same too). I am told that people like me never integrate properly, so we end up creating problems for others, while we know its never about integration and that it is all about money and the only people allowing these insults by creating the idea I keep their own and keep some popularity their stupidities should be having, is the Politicians; the same who complain about the consequences of this power all the time because they think I should have in some way accepted responsibility for it - we can see that because my knowledge range is a bit wide, I have had to deal with big brothers stifling my academic work and livelihood for 12 years because they want to know what I am doing with my whole life and get there first using media, stifling it like we see their idiocy give the ones they have to the frugal and relying on me to do nothing about it; now we know their stupid celebrities want my career as the special thing that works in terms of a fix that makes them feel good about their stupid selves all of the time and the age range of the idiots is getting younger and younger which is rather controversial. They have always suggested it a matter of my shame and a certain problem which is utter nonsense -what happens is not my shame but Fashion gits and Celebrity fools spending my Public image and personal life on themselves; might think the nightmare on the high streets due to their relationship with glossy magazine outlets was the worst of all but its only the tip of the Iceberg


Now it is said that there needs be a conversation about whether or not Public transport especially the Buses are a good way to travel which does not make any sense whatsoever – the Labour Party and its Socialists are responsible for wrecking Public transport; it was a case of thinking that the business of becoming like frustrated goons who think their problems are greater than everybody else’s spending so much time complaining a civil right that they solved none of it and hence ended up attacking young successful people whose existence seemed to mock them for their position, having rite to everything I had set up to be successful before I did on account they would be drawing their pensions earlier, after which they could never have enough, was the worst of their madness but now we see that owning Car has become the only way to escape the mundane existence of lesser people who take very efficient Public transport, congesting the roads in the process and wrecking the Public transportation all together – worse still is the fact this opinion of theirs is an open secret that they will let the rest of us into once they were rich. Hence it means they think we believe that the bottom pinching insults and habits of theirs have become a part of the reality of how we exist while they have not; such that when I mention it people will say I speak of it casually when it is not casual at all but it is casual to me – this nonsense is what money is and what money does and I am fed up with people following me around, being seen around my Books without buying and reading it and being seen clogging up my personal space bearing in mind that there was enough cover earlier which has now been completely spent because of an insulting need to make use of the leadership I provided to create it while they had no respect for me and then we also hear them claim that I have suggested their stupidities made up racism which does not faze me at all – the truth is that racists see race and opportunism, people generally see scarcity and choice and they are the only ones who see racism and opportunism, so racism does exist yes but I wonder what else it bloody means besides. We now look like we keep their Popularity and we keep their money and there will be confrontation if I asked the what next since racism did exist all together – it wants to know what I know but has no plans to buy and read the Books, the point is that the parents have raised the children to be insane and so I will need violence to ensure their products and person does not get all over the publicity I have built for the Books to tell me mine is really big hence I deserved it and I am sure they can allow me a 24 hours where I did not see them or any stupid products they had created, show up near the publicity I have built for my Books, to make us all look like we are a Nation that blames them for racism in order to feel good about ourselves, hoping security will fall on a lap when it is most convenient, on account they think they have had it all figured out; the men with corruption of involvement and the women with privileges of injustice, working out how not to be hurt by money while grabbing other peoples money at the market to ensure they did not have to do a days work to pay their way, getting what they want and I am sure they can let me have this every day. They have said that my problem comes because I get rid of the people but pinching my bum until I smell like my loo and drop out of University, then find it impossible to finish my Books or sell the ones I have finished because of my Mood and the fact they have a habit, is their reality, now we also know it is something nothing I do no matter how clever can be put out in public as an explanation for it, letting them carry on forever, it is their reality and not mine - needs to stay away from my Books and clear my public image space, especially as the reputation they have created for me over their stupid media and the foolish products they have built, to groom me for it and ensure when any person builds a crowd that targets them on their door step they can make profit blaming me for it, will not suffice.

They are so in love with the look we see them adopt whenever they claim I interfere with peoples conversation as they cling to my Book sales and public image and do all they can to ensure I smell every time I step outside of my door. What really happens on the other hand is that I am stuck with their family members in the neighbourhoods, churning my tummy while they rip up my academic work by following me around with it at University and spend most of their time bullying me at the work place over their stock market, popularity and political practical jokes, claiming the reason for it is that they were very important but people seldom pay attention to such a fact – I would fancy they give me 24 hours of not doing this and did so every day. I mean its not that they are unaware if I showed up in Public places with an eating disorder, that their family members were likely responsible for it hence does not make any sense that I get threatened, that when they are always seen on the left chasing other peoples public life and public image, it is because they are trying to run away from the fact this is how their family works. I have warned them enough about showing up all over my Book sale margins to make money with some satanism they practice like a secret I share with evil and possesses some form of indomitable disobedience, I have warned them there was a cure for the fact I have tummy issues that make me smell of every thing I put in my mouth because of them if I were threatened for it, I did warn it had come to a point where I needed some space.

They say I am losing all I had at the Monarchy which is utter nonsense – what The Queen does with me is usually an expected consequences of Royal Politics that is never really straight forward and full of deception – when it shows up at University to invite hoodlums into my studies until I dropped out, then set about some whispering at the Monarchy and settled with friends on media alongside some Celebrity and Fashion connections for the purpose of doing the stuff they had a reputation for which their stupid celebrities could run with, it never pointed out it was asking for some – now it works so hard to maintain the idea that age is a deciding factor in whether others responded to being bullied like that. They do claim my behaviour is responsible for what I have lost as well which is all very well, except that I was affected by the Royal Politics hence its perfectly fine, to them it would mean I have been taught a lesson, to me such notions are a gimmick that means they are unable to see this is my version of Royal Politics as well; simple as the fact that if it is Family it is Family and if it is government it is Government; they have never acknowledged their behaviour asks for it.

They have continued to suggest that I am uncomfortable with what has been done about National security at the Monarchy, which is utter rubbish; what happened is that they spread stories about how Service people were getting into trouble with the enemy and how it was linked to the damage they have already caused me getting worse, so I made a statement on social media and they claimed I had accepted liability for what happens to service personnel on the Field and carried on still, hence it had to be clear we may have been done with the Russia one but the America one is still to be done. They are not affected by Royal Politics for instance, so there are Politicians who want to ensure that they were playing up gimmicks about being in the best position when it comes to every Government activity, meaning they were due to be encouraged to get involved with Royal business whenever they liked and as we see with their self seeking goons, show up at peoples career to escape the dangers and stand up somewhere passing around insults on being very important over it as well once they had gained the money they did not work for – so their careers are never affected by their behaviour and its always a corner in their Offices levelled against other peoples entire lives for it – what then happens at the Monarchy concerns the business of making decisions that other peoples authority should be making and has settled on sexual violence to ensure it is in charge where it should not be, now they tell me I cannot justify the fact we are hurting and probably getting each other killed for the enemy while I can. I mean we hear them mutter it all the time ‘fight’ whereas it goes without saying we do see them put makeup on it and look like they were in need of a good fuck, which they would say I could never dare say to their faces, whereas the appeal of people like these is that they walk around the streets as if they are out of everybody else’s league pillaging the career and finances of those they think are smaller than they are, blabbing about which face I would not say it to and getting all over Publicity that helps me run a bookshop to secure money for its stupid conveniences at the same time.

There is this other talk that I have been making a mess of Conservative Party Political business which is utter nonsense – on one hand their girls have not yet handed back the Literary Archives they downloaded off the University of Greenwich Computer systems, on the other hand they have been running off all sorts of nonsense about what the Labour Party gets up to having something to do with characters like me who show up from overseas to make out they are able to do whatever they should not be doing, as stupidly as possible, like they were in need of two opposition each time the Public gave them a Mandate for Government. This is just fact about whether or not I am messing with their business every time the Labour Party tackles me and they took up my time to make an announcement that I come to the Country to do what I should not be doing. The more serious part about their threats will involve whether or not they hand handed back any of my Books and information gathered from this Estate once they are done building those stupid contraptions on the city that will help them get rich quick and this will play up to the part where I want big businesses to buy the Books first before they handled my Equities and we will run off a test on who is capable of doing the most destruction to other peoples property and then tell lies on media about it, so as to ensure they stopped falling in love with their stupid selves for it. I do get told that when I behave like this I am running through the Allies and Friends very quickly which is not the case – half will show up to chase me about over what I know and they do not pinch my bum until I drop out of University the last time we checked, so when I wrote a Book on it, they started a mini war because I was going to give them what they wanted or I was going to leave their Country, which is how we were supposed to solve problems for others on this planet, while the other are a case of walking around out of my league taking career and property from those they think are smaller including me like a question of what it is exactly that constitutes their opinion of what their appeal to other people is. When I do wish to show it is an enterprise and should be treated like one however, I shall follow up the business of them showing up here to replace publicity I have built for the fact I am a writer trying to trade some Books which they replace with facts about being celebrities who need money with a business of selecting allies from both sides and then will they claim it was a form of Elitism; its already happening as we speak, whenever they have replaced my publicity with their need for fame and money, I would want to know what they are up to and they will tell me duly that I need get into a fight, so Client Brokers really love to make advertisement on the controversy and public image mess that comes from it due to the Government Office that is linked to the Royal Estate.

They do always claim that it is the patronising processes of a public policy that asks people to prioritise the needs of women that is responsible for letting my behaviour run this far, which is utter nonsense – we all know its all wrong, except when it is clear that if you supported a woman over a period of time, should she want to take over, it was rather obvious she had beautiful body parts you could draw publicity from for what you are doing and ensure that you are not vulnerable to such things at her expense and that she was very well aware of this, at the same time of which the prospects of a woman supporting a Man and picking up her life at a later date is near inexistence. On the part of the men its more a case of being an advantage to the world of men and then investing yourself back into it to give me some more of it, knowing they either do not need it or will use it for the wrong purposes but still some will not stop doing it to throw around those stupid questions we have to stop on our tracks and pay attention to all the time. I mean I did not achieve this process of letting women the support which allows them grab careers from men who spend time on 6 figure salaries sleeping around on peoples public image and then putting the video up on the internet, so that at the end of everyday making money that they need another human beings assets for as abusively as possible, they can go home peacefully and rest well, to repeat the same behaviour the day after – I did not need a huge Hollywood budget for it and I did not get financial support from the women, if I had been able to complete my academic work while I was at it, it would have been a class act all together; what comes of this is that people are forced to live with ladies first public policy when we are not and I would fancy they kept themselves out of my concerns for it, there is nothing with being selfish, these facts are only persuasive but the idea I would not do these things in he city centre is presumptuous as we all know the result will be one of the claim I sleep with peoples wives when the business of women washing me up and hanging it at the backyard thing really takes off, that looks very good on the blondes. So there are some who claim that I speak of it but never really make sacrifices on the matter but it largely depends on which one concerns them; the one that concerns me are the journalists and we see there is a mini war global as we have no way to turn over it all together.


Now they do claim I am ashamed of what I do which is utter nonsense; I don’t need publicity or to show up on the left for any reason, the behaviour of insisting otherwise and the disobedient insults is what they claim does not churn the tummy but that the way I talk does – their need to stifle my Book sales because I had given away its contents when I thought at strategic points it would save lives does not churn the tummy but what I say when I describe their like stupidities does – the business of spreading me around in order to steal by making me do my Book work over and over and over again while they gather around at popular culture lawless relationships to take advantage of people does not churn the tummy, when I say when I describe it does etc. and so it creates a sense that I need to clear issues with them even when I know they understand perfectly what I am talking about and didn’t have to.



I really am at a loss over the matter of incessant complaints from the male population especially regarding how my activities push up people's stress levels - it makes me so disconcerted: they are not all royalty, so nobody knows what their business around my concerns really is, since this is after all how it really works i.e. one waits behind to assist a government at the office and the public image is run by people who fancy the renaissance, court members royal, court members for work who are at media and various other systems, completely unexplained how people's stress levels are raised if we omit the case of their profitable disobedience which they are quite obsessed with as a whole, difficult to determine how it has anything to do with them. Even now, when I set out a social media system where I pick these people up and they give me feedback especially about growing enterprises, nobody seems to understand without explanation from me, which effects lasts only minutes before the problem shows up again, that it is a system for deciding and administrating what everybody is getting up to and what they want to do with what systems and what handle and yet they are the ones with a spiked stress level, which makes it so annoying. Yes we hear it's a matter of everybody being cracked first of all before I set about explaining what is really happening, while any normal person can see that asking others to share privilege with you is a very boring thing to do and people can get out of being cracked after to get on with their lives by not being so boring. Not even the part where people at the estate help me to my public image on a regular basis is supposed to have such an effect as means others end up with an increased stress level. Even the talk of celebrities getting involved with me is a matter of a job that they want to do, which largely concerns silly men chasing people's private parts at culture and society and tends to mean they had a background which was similar to the sorts of silly behaviour we see dumb students that do well in school and get into the world to decide what should become of other people's lives to make themselves comfortable exhibit all over the world from Africa and the us to Europe, I cannot make out what has put their stress levels up around here.

The talk of me handling my own fame unexpectedly and completely and without warning people is well understood but while I follow people's social media profiles, I am still at a loss as per why they cannot follow mine as well anyway but expect to get involved and let me know and then inform me about what they want to do with what handle and which books I have written they are interested in at some stage all together as well in that way. I handle my own fame when other celebrities around the world and popular culture goons make trouble for me as the British ones become obsessed with getting me into a fight with their counterparts from countries with larger military which is supposed to have been a persistent and incredibly stupid behaviour that is not necessarily unpredictable. They always claim I bring it on myself because of the way I behave but we only need see them on the streets to understand the reasons - the day of this update on this page for instance, I walked two bus stops from where I live, picked a bus that drove down only 2 stops and somewhere at the traffic an idiot walks down and sees me and gestures mockery and insults to look at his watch the way I do and walks down muttering something like bum and I wanted him to stand and finish the story whereby he moved on and packed his own in on the right hand side, a good time to do so and more so at my expense, then two bus stops later and I get out and walk past another bus I had not taken and the driver slimmed the door and it showed everybody the daddies wanted to teach me a lesson and there was no way I would be financially comfortable if they were not millionaires etc - nobody has actually advised them to do these things to a point where it is a sub culture like we have seen and they simply now have to live with the fact it has to make basic assumption to think that each time it happens, it benefits them as a collective - I do not consider myself responsible for the effects my actions have on them.


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I do get told that my activities tended to damage the National Economy, while what happens in reality is that of the Politicians providing a leadership which suggests that should there be no money in circulation, nobody would have been facing a Governmental or Administrative problem irrespective of how wealthy the Businesses were and it is nobody's job to ensure that this not not happen. They speak of my position being one that preserves the system of Monarchy which they are fed up with while reality is that of the fact that it would have not mattered even in a New Country they had invented to suit their purposes, that I had the right to sell the Books I have produced here, which they clearly never made a contribution to and do not have a legal right to handle but where they fall flat is that on such business as Celebrities ripping up peoples lives and Finances due to wealth and social inequality problems, only to end up with Overseas Accounts and a Media they can grind work that facilitates their decadence at the General Public by, we would have been directionless when the parasitic American Capitalists had begun to put their weight behind it like we have seen them do, if there was no Queen to organise a Team that get around making sure people paid for usage.

They do claim I spend my time tackling nice people and not racists of which its never clear what has convinced them they were nice people, just as we know they claim every thing I say is meant to extricate a process where I was forced to gain a soul. I could never make out why a group of people who show up all the time to threaten me when they have money problems and seek to ensure they were able to destroy what I held dear so I might be caught up as some form of blackmail that lets them get anything they want off me as if we see them give their own to the frugal, would think they were nice people anyway – we all know if a racist met an ethnic minority their size the prospect of winning a fight is less, so they will not be thinking about the superiority the entire time anyway, that the biggest racism based risk is the Media and the Politicians, so they show up like that to be nice by wrecking the academic work and finances so that I might end up being so abused I can make sense of the insanity that passes on the left hand side and right hand side of such goons, then get told what to do by their stupid selves, as if nobody knew that the failure of a system where I get threatened by the boys in the neighbourhood each time they had money problems was going to lead to such an outcome in the first place, that I have not spent some time at Church which has informed me at least in part of what that which is purely evil looks like all together. The real reasons these things happen is that these goons are afraid of work; when we were younger it was just the fear of work and as we grew older they started to add up to it the business of being stupid people that relied on others but now we know they are reliant on their victims not to respond to the abuses associated with everything they need to do to take advantage of those who will be working for money and then get away with it, which is what it is really all about but I am now completely fed up with that story of tackling nice people when the racists are getting around, so I need reiterate that I want them keeping their distance from my Books and my person as it is about to end with a business of getting out od bed everyday to ensure checklists of what I have done to hurt the media have been filled. As for the story of a lack of soul or maybe not, it has always been a matter of the fact they forget their place; I got set out as a character that looks like the Millionires of today and since then it has been all about their whiles; no plans to work for money, no plans to show people a portfolio at Industry a hope that somebody will give them something to do or show up a trick, they have only got plans to build an abusive incentive at the expense of some characters that could help the world by giving up their position and achievements a one less successful person that gets on their nerves by being successful, which hoodlums that get around with CEOs and managers talking nonsense at me about how I will make no progress with myself until they were rich first and imagining their fingers up my bum depending on how much they need it all day, looking for more of what they were complaining about, may cash into as an incentive and its only progress from claims I set about extracting an income from parts of other peoples companies where the relatives of the owners should be making some pocket money, to express something of the fact they are always tired and these are whiles they make their way in the world with that they cannot give up and its all the fault of the Monarchy due to the activities of Government; never about whether I have a soul or not and I am fed up with hearing I need to tackle some racists. Looks like I will need to protect a Royal Hermitage Literary Empire from them by picking it up with the abusive street Managers who fail to understand when you got them into a position where they were kicked each time they are already down as well and burn it back to where it all began.

Their excuse has never failed to be one about my activities playing into the hands of British and American enemies but that was after and not before the stories will never go away of how I am friends with terrorists, getting off to the east to secure some cultural power from a guru that will help them dominate a boy on Media and all various other forms of abuse, eventually culminating in working towards these statements they make that religion in the problem of the world and American ought to tackle Christians once they were done with Iraq and Afghanistan; so we find that it has gone off to the Communism issues to build a new one and no matter how hard I have tried, built me a Court of Female Journalists to help me work this system of people who get along with British interests and may want to move here for business or residency and although the disposition of these people facilitates the jobs they do at National security, they also need to ensure no stone is unturned when it comes to the business of their wives savaging my finances with Celebrity culture and Hollywood while they seek my Royal Hermitage all together, putting the lives at risk, so this is what would have likely been the cause should it turn out that they were betrayed for most of the time. For my part, I want them off my Books and an end to their insulting daddy stupidities following me around especially at the academic institutions, otherwise I am only going to get worse – all I have done so far is write a Book, in any case of which it has also stopped the friend of terrorist story, even they are not friends of terrorists the last time we checked, even though we have heard them put out all that abusive nonsense about teaching people facts on being real men by getting terrorists through UK Borders under the guise of field co-operation, as stupidly as possible.

They boast that they should have been able to get away with such things in the 1960s until a busy body meddling git like me showed up to make a mess of their business but in the 1960s there was no whole sale copying of British Military designs by Communists on account they wanted to be free with other peoples income margins and property and since the Military was thinking about incorporating some care for soldiers into operation processes, they had found a new convenience to trade off in enemy territory and spend time with their Celebrities blowing off the big mouth at me endlessly. It will then have been suggested what I have said puts the lives of my friends at risk whereas I have been clear endlessly that it has nothing to do with me if it is not following my Social Media profile - needs to get a Book at the Hermitage Library, I am sick of it, I am sick of them.

There is talk now of endemic failure of leadership naturally which is utter nonsense there is no failure of leadership anywhere, it’s the irony of the idea that those who have what has not been gratuitously left for them to keep even though they did not deserve it by idiots who are many times their size or given to them by tall scum getting dangerous with money in the City centre, do not have the right to enjoy the same decency or Human rights that other people are allowed to have by Law. Now they are famous and important too, some of them are Celebrities therefore had what others do not, that these things have been gained at my expense is completely irrelevant, the point is that I am abused because I am important and once the history had been built they were important too, same as the business of having what other people do not have. They do say I speak of these things but it does not make me better off which is what must change unless the Books I write actually belong to them and we can see it’s the same way they spend time helping goons to the secrets behind how women protect themselves when faced with very violent and evil Men, so that these fools might be able to creep behind people a quarter of their size and help them to fame and fortune which lets them dart off the sugar baby insults that builds up the idea they are about to kill somebody and I am about to work for all I own and hand it over to weak women, that they tell me its about the market I have built for my Books and not the Books itself, as stupidly as possible.

Please be aware: all our images are subject to Copyright and used only for purpose illustration from an external Source only and some have in nature and context not been License Purchased.