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To Hearts opened up and left to picking by the world creatures. This is my call; that you all return and work with me for a better world. More of me shall be made more visible as we progress but I must first see an end to the wickedness of evil freedoms. I know that I have an obligation and a responsibility, I hear your needs all the time, this should be no mystery bearing in mind we have media and evil secrete societies of men and women.

I know what and where my men are, especially those who like me are in their thirties and this site is designed to ensure we make contact. 

There are three major matters in it of course and the first is that of how I mess up the affairs of big business people which is utter nonsense because I have warned those for more times I can remember about wrecking my finances and reputation and book sales and royal work with their personality competition, where they make claims all I own is a function of a process where I stole their own. Their wives and stupid children cannot stay off my book sales and the media and I will wait for them at the Establishment and my connections with Monarchy around the world for a time when they will deploy their money to buy a duchy as well and try to become royalty and then will it become clear what kind of disrespects you endure from them when you were successful enough to get there first – the kind where you build an empire and the money ends up somewhere else while they built their own to try and be royalty with. For their children, students like those of course; I will wait for them at the jobs markets, currently of which they already winning at a process where I started doing so since 2008. It’s like the media as well where they are aware all I am is about providing service but whenever I do, the last thing they will for their part is get jobs and do as they are told by their bosses and return for the services I have provided for everybody, what they want instead is to control my life and get rich doing so and it is of course whilst homosexuality is clearly a good thing, the beginnings of a crime of passion against me, concerning which they do not seem to recognise I will certainly kill them first; I mean these days the great mystery is that I am a 100% Christian but the 1001th% where I interact with pornographers has becoming the meaning of life because it is so important apparently. The noise about how I will be manipulated until I get into an altercation with the royal family is well observed of course; there is huge fat chance that will happen anyway since what I am going to do is suck up to the royal family like there is no tomorrow and then the result will be that they suck up as well and that will be the end of it (when their money means they become the Queens Minions and get to order me around; in terms of political instability and some stupid war, they have not got it). So of course they say I need to release their left hand side as it stands, I say they can come and get it. They like to make out these is a huge problem that I have with people here but in actual fact there isn’t any; speaking of the need to be held to account on the matter of my problem I have with people is simply that of the fact all that silly modernisation they speak of is pre-fascist extortionist rubbish which a black person like myself finds really difficult to get along with – it seems as though they are running us as a country through the many possibilities of an outcome where things are handled and run in the country according to their needs and whim and this mannerism suggests that we can say no if we want for as long as we like but in the end we will become disillusioned and march into one of the possibilities with a big mouth. My position where people do not feel the liberal nature of their society as it stands is enough and therefore although all they do is media power, especially the business idiots and their advertisement robberies, they cannot see that it means I do not have to respond to them and also for their part they do not have any reason to get around winding me up and more so like they do but instead would prefer talking about how I am out of my depth of which creates the question of the need to explore if I really am, is by the way that a collection of men with shaven heads and stuff was never traditionally by British Traditions, fascist in nature, it was a group of men that a certain group of women consort and in my view and by my standards, things would be returned to that way and would be enforced by force if necessary, the only consideration is that of their insolent media and the possibility that doing so may create a high wall and invite trouble but like I said the US thinks they are the bees knees and they have got their media to do whatever they like with but it will never for once mean to them it does not have to apply that they must act to wind me up. It is the old story of where you ask them what the meaning and purpose of their insults and stupidities are when they can take a look at the Cenotaph for example which is a gathering that happens every year and can see the kind of people who attend it and their works of life for that matter as well, when they speak of banks and economy and finances and pretend they do not know whom to serve and whom to talk to therefore as well. The bottom line is that the more you draw this line and widen it, the more they will have to provide something apart from their thieving vandalism of a business services but you will have to provide the leadership – the Monarchy however has always been a hall mark for service to the people and so I find it difficult to make out what connection they have settled between their robbery and getting involved with the Monarchy, however since personality competition in a condition where they are sure they will always win has taken over my life, I will wait for them at the establishment and their children at the employment market and find out how they will become things when I build my empire and the money ends up somewhere else on account they are trying to get rich and important – like the old stuff about how they hate the Police for example and the two questions of what may happen if they wear their T shirts where their hatred for the Police is expressed by when a criminal thinks that if he has to kill somebody to distract the Police then it is simply what he must do to get a robbery for example done and there is no hard feelings and thereby one unlucky day shoots them dead instead while trying to complete a robbery and the Police have to clean it up and see their shirts and stuff and of course the other question of what it is the police have done to deserve their hate which of course is the funny bit. They like their noise making all the time i.e. I step out of my house and determine I will acquire the entire world, money cars and everything, they think it does not provoke anybody but it gets even worse because some girl from a poor background will always show an intense fear of them but because of what she does on account of her fear of them, they must take up my house and use it to fix problems then use it to set their house as well and then tell me if I show any signs of having an opinion, that I will mess up and they will kill me, so it might stop by their way or it will stop my way where I chase them through to those developing economies and underdeveloped economies they come from, apparently of which it seems to them it will ever be over if they were to kill as it were with a big mouth.

HH I. Uno I.